Super Bowl L (pre-game)

This Sunday is the final football game until sometime in August. The Denver Broncos will face off against the Carolina Panthers. This is the second Super Bowl Panthers, who lost in their first go round in the early 2000s. This will be the Broncos eighth time playing in the big game, they have only won two of the time they made it. Their last Championship was way back in Super Bowl XXXIII 1998 in John Elway’s final game. For the game the Broncos have decided to wear white as they have had better luck in white at the Super Bowl having lost all four times they wore orange.

This should be a great game as this is the number one defense  (Broncos) against the number two defense (Panthers). There is the added drama of Cam Newton has been perfect against Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks this season, and Peyton Manning has won back when he was with the Colts. Many have speculated that this might  be the “last rodeo” for  Peyton, and it would be cool if he could go out on top. That’s enough about the game itself.

Super Bowl Commercials this year it seems that several of them have been released on the internet or we have teasers for Super Bowl ads it just seems weird.



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