Football news

There are a couple stories around about the NFL. The biggest one is that the Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2019 or whenever their new stadium is built. If you call this a story congratulations, “asshat owner moves team to get new stadium”  is not a great story but it seems like the way the NFL works now as the Rams and Chargers also wanted new stadiums before the left for LA.  Keep an eye open Jacksonville fans as you may be the next to move.  If only they let the Raiders move back to LA and not the Chargers it would have made for a lot  less headaches.

Another story is that Tony Romo, the former Dallas QB has retired and will be replacing Phil Simms in the CBS booth. Now Former Dallas QB will be the top guys on both FOX and CBS, unfortunately NBC and ESPN do not have former Dallas QB as color commentators. If we could only get rid of Joe Buck.

The third story is that Amazon will be streaming Thursday Night Football this upcoming season. Amazon payed $50 million for the right to stream these games, which will also be broadcast on the NFL Network, CBS and NBC. Amazon will have this as an “exclusive” to Prime subscribers. Hopefully at some point Thursday night game turn out to be good as the previous couple of years they have been lacking especially with those monochromatic Color Rush uniforms, if it were like a throwback uniform instead I believe that more people would enjoy the games.

Super Bowl LI recap

The Patriots’s revenge tour is over. They won the Super Bowl, now if they can only shut up about how great Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are. Sure they play a relatively easy schedule this year and Brady played 4 less games so he was well rested I sure hope that someone other than New England in the AFC gets to the Super Bowl next year as they’ve been in 9 Super Bowl games since 2000 and have won five.  It almost looked like the Falcons were going to win but clearly the NFL wanted to make up to New England for the whole deflate-gate thing. Anyway you put it the Patriots have been labeled cheaters several times in the past and nothing can really change that to the general public, sure the folks in New England will adore them even more as most of them have forgotten or weren’t a fan during those year where they were a horrible team.  It will be interesting to see what happens to them when Brady or Belichick retire and they have to find a new QB/head coach  to take over.

The commercials were pretty weak this year, and Lady Gaga’s halftime show was fun. It was nice that it was only her as the previous years they’ve always had special guests showing up at some time during the performance.

Super Bowl LI

Yes, you read that right we are back to Roman Numerals for Super Bowl numbering. This year we have Tom Brady and the New England Patriots going into like their tenth (it’s only been seven) Super Bowl this century. This is the Patriots 9th Super Bowl and they have split their previous appearances last winning in 2014. Tom Brady is looking for Super Bowl ring number 5 and Super Bowl MVP number 4. On the other side of the field we have the Atlanta Falcons in their first Super
Bowl since XXXIII, when they lost to John Elway in his final game. I and most of America would love to see Atlanta win for their first time. Sure the odds are stacked against them, however the Patriots are only favored by 3 points. Atlanta has done a lot of scoring during the season and my only hope is that that game is competitive and not a blow out since that just make the game harder to watch. The game is on Sunday and Lady Gaga doing the Halftime show. It’s on FOX so we’ve got Joe Buck and Troy Aikman doing commentary.

NFC/AFC Championship games

This Sunday we have the big games the ones that matter and once again they are rematches from earlier in the season.

In the NFC we have the Packers traveling to Atlanta once again this time hoping to avenge an earlier loss where the Falcons squeaked by with a point win. This will be the last game ever played at the Georgia Dome as their new Stadium will open in July, so emotions will be high in Atlanta. The Falcons have the high powered offense, while the Packers have Aaron Rogers who seems to do just about anything. Over in the AFC we’ve got the Steelers traveling to New England now the week 7 game which the Patriots won was a long time ago and Big Ben wasn’t playing . This will only be the ninth meeting between Brady and Big Ben. This will be a challenge for New England as they face a team that has a chance to beat them, but also for Pittsburgh as they will need to score more than field goals to win.

It seems likely that both of these will be a good games whoever win. As for my picks it would be wonderful if Atlanta could make it to the Super Bowl for the second time and this time win, or the Packers and Aaron Rodgers taking home a second Super Bowl Title, or Pittsburgh bringing back another championship bringing their total to 7. In the NFC I’d call it a toss up as to who will win the game but over in the AFC since it’s a New England home game they have the slight advantage added to the fact they they been in every AFC Championship game since the 2011-12 season however they have only won two of those game so perhaps Pittsburgh should have the advantage. Vegas odd currently have Patriots by 5.5 and Atlanta by 4.

Divisional playoffs

This weekend the NFL reaches the Divisional round in the playoffs and all the teams who had a bye last week play this week. This year all these Divisional games are rematches from earlier in the season.

The weekend starts off with Seattle traveling to Atlanta where they will try to sneak by the Falcons once again. However, the set up is reversed Seattle will be traveling to Atlanta and Atlanta will be coming off a bye week. This was a close game during the regular season with Seattle falling behind only to come back and win by two. Saturday night we have New England who will beat the Texans again, this was a shutout in week 3 when New England was forced to use a third stringer QB, as Brady was out with his suspension, and his replacement was out with a concussion. Will the Texans has a shot to score any points or will it be another shutout?

Sunday begins with The Steelers going to Kansas City, now Kansas City hasn’t fared well in the playoffs as of late, sure they beat the Texans last year but the Texans were a mess at QB where they used three interchangeably. This seems like to be another year where the brand name teams will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Later that afternoon we will have the most compelling, exciting game of the weekend as Green Bay travels to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. During the regular season the Cowboys outplayed the Packers but Green Bay has been on a winning streak as of late and they are the hot team entering the game.

As it looks right now the Steelers and Patriots will be playing in the AFC Championship game, and the NFC is up in the air I am hoping that Green Bay and Seattle can will so there is a chance for some snow in during the Championship game.

NCAA Football National Championship games and Playoffs

This upcoming weekend is jam packed with football at both college and professional levels. As we have the FCS Championship game, four Wild Card games and then the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the FBS Championship game.

Saturday at Noon we have James Madison taking on Youngstown State, this seems to be an exciting game since North Dakota State, the five time reigning champions, will not be playing in the Championship game. JMU has blow out most of it’s competition this year in the playoffs while Youngstown has had several close games. If you have some spare time on Saturday this will be the game to watch as the NFL playoffs slate on Saturday afternoon doesn’t seem watchable. As we will have a rookie quarterback in Connor Cook and the Raiders taking on a Texans team who they faced in the regular season, a game in which the Raiders won. On the other side we have the Lions playing in Seattle as they sort of just fell into the playoffs this year and it’s doubtful if the visitors will get out of this round.

On Sunday we have a couple of better games the biggest is the Giants and Green Bay where while they are playing at the frozen tundra this was the same place where they beat the Packers on their way to win their most recent NFL Championships, although it seem it might not happen this year with the Packers being a hot team having won their past 6 games and the Giants haven’t scored 20 points since about that same time.  It will be the most compelling game on Sunday as it seems like Pittsburgh will easily beat the Dolphins .

Finally, on Monday the biggest college football game of the year will take place and we will watch the same two teams from last year battle it out for the Championship.  This year Alabama and Clemson are playing the game and I sure hope that Alabama will finally lose a Championship game and we will see them play in a close game for the first time this season since the Ole Miss game. Clemson will be playing for only it’s second football National title. It would be great for college football either way I guess. Nick Saban only needs another National championship to tie Bear Bryant for the most Championships by a coach. However, it’s getting to the point of the UConn women’s basketball team where we all know that they will be playing in the Championship game just because.

College Bowl Games

The big news this weekend was the end of the NCAA FBS (Division 1) college football season. Sure Army and Navy have a game on this upcoming Saturday but it’s not like the game means anything with Navy losing the American Conference Title this previous Saturday to Temple. The games that people are making a big deal about the “playoff” games which pit the top 4 teams against each other, Alabama will most likely beat Washington and Clemson and Ohio State will be a close game. Ohio State’s inclusion as one of these playoff teams has been met with a bit of confusion as they didn’t win their Conference title nor did they win their division. This is the first time that such a thing has happened. Will this lead to an expanded playoff system with like 8 teams going in playing at the beginning of the Bowl season and then around Christmas and finally in the Championship game that first week in January? Yet this could in turn lead to an at least 12-16 team playoffs where all conference champions get in as well as some at large bids.

There really isn’t a great solution of this system unless you have all 125 or so teams play against one another, how would the North Texas Mean Green fair against the Florida Gators. With 10 different conference and several Independent teams this wouldn’t be feasible to do in one season. Let alone the disparity between a team in the Big 10 and the Sun Belt. This isn’t like basketball where in March there could be some Cinderella teams that emerge and does something crazy. Sure Boise State did their thing against Oklahoma about a decade ago, but that’s the biggest upset in a bowl game.

Of the other almost forty games to be played several will be exciting to watch. Virginia Tech will be playing in their 24 consecutive bowl game, all three Service Academies will be in Bowl Games. So take some time and watch one of the “lesser” bowl games and you are bound to have more fun compared to the known results of the playoff games.

NFL Season begins

It is that time of the year again the National Football League begins a new season today with a rematch of last season’s Superbowl the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers. This year we have a team in LA for the first time since 1994 as the Rams have moved back to Los Angeles. Over the post season we’ve had some big retirements as Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch and Calvin Johnson all hung up their pads. Tom Brady won’t be playing for the first four weeks of the season and it seems likely that this might be Brady’s last season as well.

On to the predictions:

AFC East: Patriots and Jets will still contend and the Bills and Dolphins will both try to make up ground. Although not sure what to think about Miami with a new head coach.

AFC North: As usual this will be a three team race between Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati. Cleveland with RGIII might be better but it is a very young team.

AFC South: Looks like it will be the Texans or Colts who will win the division with the Jaguars and Titans lagging behind.

AFC West: Here it is a big difficult to predict anything with the Broncos with a new QB and no one has seen much from him against actual competition. So the Chiefs might win the division and who knows what else will happen.

NFC West: With the Rams moved back to LA this division make sense again, but the move isn’t going to help the Rams win anymore neither did drafting a QB at number one. Look for Arizona and maybe Seattle to actually do something not sure what to make of Chip Kelly being hired by the 49ers.

NFC South: Carolina seems like the team to beat and the Saints look likely to rebound. It’s the last season for Atlanta in the Georgia Dome perhaps they will do better because of this and Tampa Bay still exists.

NFC North: Green Bay and Chicago look like the favorites to do anything as the Vikings have a fresh QB just joining the team as Bridgewater tore his ACL in the final preseason game. Perhaps the Lions will do something but it seems unlikely as they’ve lost their best wideout.

NFC East: This division has been the hardest to predict since no team has won back to back division titles since 2004. This season it seems even harder since there are new head coaches in New York and Philly, so either team could have a good season because of this. Washington seems to be able to compete for a division title. It looks like the Cowboys season is all but lost as Romo went out in the preseason with a back problem and is likely out for 6 -10 weeks.

2016 College Football season begins

Well, technically speaking it began on August 27th in Australia when California faced off against Hawaii. This weekend there will be some crazy marquee games one in Ireland and several games being held at NFL stadiums one at Lambeau Field, NRG Stadium in Houston, University of Phoenix stadium in Arizona, a game at the Georgia Dome as well as one at Jerry World. Also there is one in Orlando on Monday. Next Saturday, there will be perhaps the highest attended college game at the Bristol Motor Speedway between Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

Once again the 127 teams will try and end the season as one of the final four teams who will compete to play in the National Championship game look for Alabama to be back in the final four somehow.

Group of Five: The little conferences(American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West and Sun Belt)
The American: Will have their first title game this season. There was some great turnover in Head coaches this off season. It seems likely that Houston, Navy, South Florida, and Temple will be among the teams that will fight to get into the title game.

C-USA: There really isn’t much here there are three new head coaches taking over in the West. It seems likely that Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee State, Southern Miss and perhaps Marshall might make the title game.
Mid-American: We will stick with what it’s been like the past three as Bowling Green and Northern Illinois will face each other in the Championship game.

Mountain West: Not sure of what all will happen over here but perhaps Boise State, San Diego State, Air Force and Nevada.

Sun Belt: This looks like a close one but the winner is whoever has the most wins in the division so Appalachian State or Arkansas State.

Power Five Teams: ACC, Big Ten(plus four), Big 12 (minus 2), Pac-12 and SEC

ACC: The Coastal Division will be the more exciting to watch as we have three new head coaches taking over some big name schools (Miami, Virginia, and Virginia Tech), most prognosticators are going with North Carolina repeating as Coastal champion. They will likely loose to Clemson or Florida State whoever makes it out of their match up on October 29th with a win.

Big Ten: This is another conference which only has one good division, expect Michigan/Michigan State/Ohio State to duke it out in the East. In the West perhaps Iowa, Northeastern or Wisconsin might have good seasons.

Big 12: Here is an easy conference to decide, they still don’t have a Championship game but look for Oklahoma or TCU.

Pac-12: Stanford, USC, UCLA, maybe Oregon and Washington have some chance at making the Championship game.

SEC: The cream of the crop both divisions seem like they might be competitive. In the East we have Tennessee, Florida and Georgia going neck to neck for the right to face Alabama or LSU in the title game. It will be nice when Alabama isn’t the sole best team in football.

Army has to come back from a dreadful last season where they only won two games and have lost to Air Force and Navy too many time in a row. It would be great if they could have the chance to win the Commander in Chief’s Trophy every once in a while.

Notre Dame are hoping to build on last season where they finished with 10 wins expect more of the same from Notre Dame as they seem to be competitive every year.

BYU has a slew of new coaches in place this year and it seems like an open audition for the Big 12, which seems to be expanding to at least 12 team in 2017 in order for a Championship game to make sense. Hopefully it goes well for them.

Fall 2016 Television Schedule

Last week the major network all went out in front of the advertising executives and told them what to expect in the upcoming Fall season in regard to new and returning shows. This is where the advertising comes from. So onto the schedule.

In the Fall this is mostly football with perhaps The Simpson or something on PBS but. One of the new shows on FOX Making History looks interesting it is coming sometime most likely after Football season but it’s a live action comedy about time travel and history.

Supergirl moves from CBS to the CW that’s the biggest news on Monday, it stays at the same time and leads into Jane the Virgin. CBS shakes up their lineup to begin the fall because of Football on Thursday nights with Big Bang on Monday and two new shows neither of which look great.

This is going to be a busy night. The Middle moves from Wednesday night New Girl and Brooklyn 99 split time once again along with season three of Flash and Agents of SHIELD moves to 10. Moving SHIELD doesn’t bode well as ABC hasn’t been a successful show in that time slot in a long time.  There are a couple of new show that I will be checking out at least once No Tomorrow on CW and The Mick on FOX.

Once again The CW has Arrow and maybe I’ll watch a couple of episode of Kiefer Sutherland’s new show Designated Survivor over on ABC and perhaps the same with Frequency on CW.

Football begins on CBS and about midway through the season it with switch over the NBC. This will be for 10 weeks. NBC has what looks like a cute show with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in The Good Place. it looks funny. CBS will bring Big Bang back to Thursday after 5 weeks and add a new show with Joel McHale The Great Indoors. FOX has an unique looking show Pitch it is the first scripted show to be officially associated with Major League Baseball, it’s about the first female pitcher in the majors.

CBS comes out with a rebooted? MacGyver or is it just his son/grandson? ABC has the sixth season of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

There are also a bunch of show that aren’t officially scheduled yet as they will be coming mid season or put in when some show fails.  There is Powerless on NBC is a workplace comedy at an insurance company set in the DC universe dealing with how the powerless  deal with living in a world full of Superheros, hopefully it will be tied into the already existing DC television universe or the Arrowverse which seems to be adding Supergirl to the world. Another one is Riverdale based on the Archie Comics. I’m also looking forward to the musical events Rocky Horror on FOX, Hairspray on NBC and perhaps whatever ABC/Disney comes up with.