The Chronicles of Narnia

Now I never read these books growing up nor do I remember being read these books, sure when the movies came out in the early 2000s from Walden media. The seven book series from Clive Staples Lewis is the next collection that I decided to work my way through. This one was much easier as these book are written for children. There are two way to read the series chronologically or in order published. I read them by when published. The First book is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this if followed by Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Boy and his Horse, The Magician’s Nephew and the series concludes with The Final Battle. This is the first of two post of these book I tried to read them all before I posted but having gotten through them all yet, however I have gotten through the ones adapted or going to be adapted for film. These being the first four book, the first three were released between 2005 and 2010 and there are rumors that The Silver Chair is going to come out next, it is filming this fall. Spoilers to follow.

The first three book feature the Penesive children Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy at least some of them as they journey to the land of Narnia. We begin with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in which the Penesive children are evacuated from London during the Blitz to live with an old Professor Digory Kirke in the countryside. At the Professor’s house Lucy discovers a Wardrobe and the land of Narnia, eventually she brings her other siblings there. The second time Lucy goes Edmund follows after and encounters Jadis, the Queen of Narnia and White Witch. Edmund is enchanted by the Queen who tells him to bring his siblings with him and Edmund will be come a Prince of Narnia.  Eventually all the children arrive in Narnia and a bunch of stuff happens Aslan arrives, Edmund repents and the children are crowned as Kings and Queens of Narnia.

Prince Caspian picks up about a year later when the Penesive children are brought back to Narnia although some 1300 years have passed since they left Narnia. Narnia has been conquered by the Telmarines who were pirates in our world. The kingship of Narnia has fallen into evil hands of Prince Caspian’s uncle Miraz and Caspian escaped after Miraz had a rightful heir of his own.  Caspian gains the support of the Old Narnians. The Penesive children eventually meet up with Caspian and the Narnians who are fighting with Miraz and the Telmarine (new Narnians). Susan and Lucy go off looking for Aslan and in the end Caspian becomes the King of Narnia and the Telmarines are offered a chance to go back home to earth or to stay under Caspian. The Penesive children leave this is Peter and Susan’s last trip to Narnia.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader picks up about a year later in our world, Lucy and Edmund are staying with their cousin Eustace Scrubb as Digory Kirke has moved to a smaller house and Peter is there studying and Susan and their parents are in America. Lucy, Edmund and Eustace are brought into Narnia from a painting of a boat at sea. It’s about three years later in Narnia and King Caspian X, the former Prince is on a journey to find the seven lost lords of Narnia who were sent off by Miraz since they were loyal to Caspian.  So Caspian and his crew travel among all the islands to see if they can find them. At first Eustace didn’t want anything to do with this adventure but eventually softens and joins in on the quest to the end of the world and Reepicheep, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace depart and Edmund and Lucy learn that they won’t be returning to Narnia again.

The Silver Chair pick up during the school year less than a year later when Eustace and his classmate Jill Pole are being chased by bullies when they are brought to Narnia to solve a mystery. Decades have passed in Narnia and old king Caspian X has set off on a trip mirroring the Dawn Treader’s route in part. Eustace and Jill have been tasked by Aslan himself to find Prince Rilian, Caspian’s son and heir to the throne. Aslan give Jill four signs to help them find the Prince. Jill and Eustace travel north and find/are captured by the Lady of the Green Kirtle who has been keeping Rilian captive. Eustace and Jill rescue Rilian and he becomes the new King of Narnia. Caspian is allowed to travel into our world and helps out Eustace and Jill at their school.

Now I’m sure that the other books will eventually be made into films and I’ll get through the other three in a bit.


Fulgens corona

Fulgens corona is an encyclical from Pius XII in it Pope Pius declares a Marian Year in honor of the centenary of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. It begins with a recap of how the Immaculate Conception became dogma, Pius IX pronouncing it and then about 4 years later a young girl in Lourdes was visited by a lady who said that “I am the Immaculate Conception.”. This special title isn’t something new as from the Early Church Mary has had many titles ranging from Lily Among Thorns and Immaculate to The One And Only Daughter Not Of Death But Of Life and By Nature More Beautiful, More Graceful And More Holy Than The Cherubim And Seraphim Themselves And The Whole Host Of Angels. The encyclical has a long list of other titles as well. Pius continues going through history pulling the thread from St. Ephrem to Aquinas. His Holiness even notes that Non-Catholics see are devotion to Mary as worship for “any honor and veneration which we may give to our Heavenly Mother undoubtedly redounds to the glory of her Divine Son,” Now the centenary celebration should revive our Catholic Faith and devotion to the Mother of God as we try to conform our lives to that of the Virgin. “Just as all mothers are deeply affected when they perceive that the countenance of their children reflects a peculiar likeness to their own, so also our Most Sweet Mother wishes for nothing more, never rejoices more than when she sees those whom, under the cross of her Son, she has adopted as children in His stead, portray the lineaments and ornaments of her own soul in thought, word and deed.” Sure it’s some sixty years later but these wishes for the centennial of the Immaculate Conception can still be things that we strive for in our lives, reviving our faith and trying to follow in the steps of our Heavenly Mother.

As we are coming from Mother’s Day let us keep this last part in mind this week as we make our way through the rest of this month of May and we keep honoring our divine mother.

Mercury 13 (2018)

This documentary from Netflix is really interesting. First off it’s about early spaceflight which is a very interesting topic in general I am a big fan of the film The Right Stuff (about the Mercury program) and miniseries From the Earth to the Moon (about Apollo) so this one was up my alley.  This is about the women who underwent the same tests as the men did to determine if they were fit to be astronauts. The tests were developed by William Lovelace and with the influence of Jacqueline Cochran. There were several rounds of test but unfortunately it was never sanctioned by NASA and was shuttered before it really got that far. It shows how far we’ve come that in the 60s there was a Congressional hearing about women in space. This is pretty crazy as you’d think that they would really want anyone who was willing to go to space to go, just to beat the Russians but it would take some time for the US to have women in space. The old boys club was set and unwilling to budge. Thankfully it changed and Sally Ride eventually got into space followed by Eileen Collins who became the first female American to fly in space piloting the Shuttle first in 1995 and the current pool of astronauts is diverse.

If you got the chance to watch it please do to learn a little bit more about the beginnings of the Space programs.

2018 NHL Stanley Cup conference finals

Well two big surprises first off the Vegas Golden Knights are in the finals following in the steps of the St. Louis Blues who made it all the way to the Stanley Cup way back in the 67-68 season. The other to a lesser degree is the fact that the two teams from the last years Stanley Cup are both out. There is another big thing as there could be a team taking home the Stanley Cup for the first time as three of the four teams left haven’t won yet. The only team that’s won is the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2004. The Conference finals begin tonight in Tampa Bay as the Capitals take on the Lightning.

On to the predictions:
In the Western Conference we have the Vegas Golden Knights and the Winnipeg Jets. This will be the first time that they will be meeting in the Playoffs, during the season Vegas took two of the three games. It seems like the Golden Knights have the best shot but who really knows as both the Jets and Knights could win it.

In the Eastern Conference we have the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals. This is the third time they are meeting in the playoffs and Tampa Bay has won both of them. Tampa last was here in 2016 losing to the Penguins in seven games. Washington last was here in 1998 when they beat the Sabers on their way to the only Stanley Cup final.  For both series  you could just flip a coin to decide.

Although it seems like it might end up with Marc-Andre Fleury hoisting the Cup yet again. This season there have been some crazy surprises so anyone could be hoisting it. Of both games I don’t care who wins in the West but  I’d really like it if the Capitals can make it back Stanley Cup Final and actually win a game this time around.

Coronation of Mary

The Crowning of Mary is the final Glorious Mystery, to some it is the last one in the whole Rosary. This is another one of the mysteries that isn’t a story directly in the Bible. There is some glancing at the idea in the Bible notably in Revelation 12:1-7. This is the decade where Mary is crowned as Queen of Heaven. The fruit of this mystery is perseverance and increase in virtue, trust in Mary’s intercession. This is important and we tend to neglect it at time but Mary is one of the best individual to ask to intercede on our behalf with our prayers and concerns to our heavenly father. I hope that we all can turn to Mary at some time this month and pray a Rosary when we’ve got a free moment.

Star Wars Day 2018

As we patiently wait for the next Star Wars film to come out we have some great news first off it is only about 20 days until Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out and it’s about 20 months until Episode IX.

The biggest news from Star Wars is the new animated series following in the steps of Clone Wars and Rebels comes Resistance which will be set between Empire Strikes Back and Force Awakens and is rumored to be coming this fall. The show will also have Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac) in it so hopefully we will see Phasma do something perhaps become a Captain and more of Poe will be great. I’ve been a huge fan of these animated shows and there are also some rumors of perhaps another animated show as well. As long as we get some updates on everyone’s favorite characters from past animated series it will be great.

Looking forward to both films and the animated series but I hope that we hear some more about the next Star Wars story film (Obi-Wan or Boba Fett), Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy and the trilogy from the guys behind Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Ad Caeli Reginam

As I said earlier in the week May is one of the months that is dedicated to Mary, specifically the Queenship of Mary. Ad Caeli Reginam is Encyclical from Pope Pius XII from 1954 which proclaimed the Queenship of Mary. Now this isn’t as long as the modern encyclicals from Francis and John Paul II. It is not separated into any sections and it focuses on Mary.

We begin with the idea that Mary has been a major figure in the Church for ages as ” Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, reigns with a mother’s solicitude over the entire world.” Pius continues the history of Marian devotion highlighting the dogma of the Assumption established in Munificentissimus Deus and the Immaculate Conception established in Ineffabilis Deus the Apostolic constitution from Pius IX as well as the “current” Marian Year in 1954. In light of the urging from all over the world  the Pope has decided to institute the liturgical feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary,this feast was put on May 31 it was moved by Paul VI to August 22, the octave of the Assumption.

Then Pius XII goes into the belief from ancient days that since Mary is the mother of Jesus she has a special place in heaven. It continues from various saints through the ages have been calling Mary a queen. The Encyclical ends nicely as it goes with “let no one consider himself exempt from this tribute of a grateful and loving soul – let him invoke the most effective of Queens, the Mediatrix of peace; let him respect and preserve peace, which is not wickedness unpunished nor freedom without restraint, but a well-ordered harmony under the rule of the will of God; to its safeguarding and growth the gentle urgings and commands of the Virgin Mary impel us.”

Take some time this month of May and reflect on the Virgin Mother, pick up a Rosary at some point this month.

Assumption of Mary

The fourth Glorious Mystery is when we get back to Mary and it is not an event which happens in the Bible, sure Pius XII pointed to Genesis 3:15 and 1 Corinthians 15:54 in Munificentissimus Deus, the Apostolic constitution which declared the dogma of the Assumption. You can also point toward Revelation 12 with the woman clothed in the sun stepping on a serpent’s head. After many years Mary was taken into heaven, some say she died other she fell asleep either way she was taken into heaven. The fruit of this mystery is Grace of a Happy Death and True Devotion towards Mary.

This past Sunday during the Regina Coeli, Pope Francis asked us to join with him this May in praying the Rosary for peace in the world, specifically in Syria. May is one of the two Marian months, the other being October which is dedicated to the Rosary. So I hope that we all can pick up a Rosary sometime this May in join in the prayers of the Holy Father.

2018 Stanley Cup playoffs

It’s that time of year again, the NHL season is over and the playoffs have begun. For the most of the series it has gone to the second round. We’ve got some big surprises and some of the usual suspects.

We start in the West with the big surprise the Vegas hockey team, the Golden Knights, have done the impossible, well really not that impossible thanks to the Expansion Draft. The Vegas Golden Knights swept the LA Kings in the first round and are playing the other team that swept in the first round the San Jose Sharks. On the other side we have another first time playoff winner in the new Winnipeg Jets and they are playing the Nashville Predators. The Predators made it to the Western Conference finals last year this will be a tough road for the Jets. I think that Nashville will be making it back to the Finals. As for the Golden Knights and Sharks it could go either way but it seems like Vegas has a team that consists of people with some playoff experience so the Golden Knights might have an edge.

In the East we’ve got rematches this will be the third time in a row that the Capitals and Penguins will meet in the second round. It seems like a broken record as this will be the 11th time that they will play each other in the playoffs. The Capitals haven’t do much against them in the playoffs winning only once way back in 1994, they split the season series. I am pretty sure it will be going 7 games, with several going to OT perhaps even shootouts. The other match up will be the Lightning from Tampa Bay will be playing either Boston or Toronto, their final game is tonight. Tampa did well against Toronto this year but not so great against Boston so who knows.

On to the predictions. Nashville and Vegas in the West. In the East either Boston or Tampa along with I’m going to go with the Capitals just for the sheer hope that they can finally break through and beat the Penguins


Decent of the Holy Spirit

The third Glorious mystery is the Decent of the Holy Spirit which happened at Pentecost fifty days after Easter. It is when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Disciples. The fruit of the mystery is Love of God, Holy Wisdom to know the truth and share with everyone, Divine Charity, Worship of the Holy Spirit. This is a lot of things but it is very important when Jesus left he said God would send another advocate to help you and be with you forever. This second part is the most important part the Holy Spirit is with us today we need to remember this all to often we tend to forget that the Spirit is with us and we can/should be asking for help of the Spirit through discernment. I hope that we all can turn to the Holy Spirit at all time in our lives.