NBC Olympic coverage

At a press conference yesterday to outline the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic in South Korea, NBC has made a big step forward. They announced that for the first time since 2010 folks living in the US will be able to watch an opening ceremony live. Now, South Korea is 14 hours so it will be difficult since that means that they would start at 6am on the east coast, so it won’t be live on air on regular television. Yet NBC has announced that it will be streaming the opening and perhaps the closing ceremonies live through NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports app though you will need to be a cable subscriber of some sort to be able to stream it. With the next three Olympics (2018, 2020 and 2022) all taking place in Asia (Korea, Japan, China) perhaps they will figure out how to perfect it before the 2026 games in Los Angeles, which I hope they broadcast live. They also announced that Katie Couric will be coming back to co-host along side new lead Olympic host Mike Tirico. This will also be aired in Primetime in an edited form. One of the biggest differences from past coverage as it  will be live cost to coast when it airs for the first time ever I think. Looking forward to these Olympic games in February.


I Am Not Your Negro (2016)

I Am Not Your Negro is a documentary film about the African American Experience in America. It is based on the James Baldwin unfinished novel, Remember This House, which was a manuscript which contained the personal recollections of Baldwin on civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King. Now this should be a film that everyone goes out and watch or it should be added to like high school history classes. It could help kids figure out how broken the world still is even though “we solved racism” by electing President Obama. Racism will exist for awhile longer, but I believe that Rodgers and Hammerstein were right in their song You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught “that it’s not born in you, it happens after you’re born.”

The film itself was rather interesting as in most history classes that I’ve taken you hardly get to the Civil Rights era or they gloss over it talking about Martin Luther King and Civil Rights Act of 1964 in like the final weeks of class. So it was nice to learn a bit more about these figures Evers, Malcolm X and MLK. It is available to watch on PBS until the end of the month so make some time to watch it.


The Wedding at Cana

The second Luminous mystery is the first Miracle of Jesus, it can be found in the Gospel of John (2:1-11).  Mary, Jesus and his disciples were invited to a wedding, some speculate it was some relative of Mary, and the wine runs out.  Mary tells Jesus “They have no wine” at which Jesus replies “Aw Mom, what has this to do with me? My hour has not yet come”. Mary turned to the servants and said do whatever he (Jesus) tells you. The servants filled barrels with water and brought it to the chief steward and remarked that usually you have the good wine first, but this is some good stuff. The fruit of this mystery is to Jesus through Mary and the understanding of the ability to manifest-through faith. As we go throughout the rest of the week let us all remember the words of Mary to the servants “Do whatever he tells you”. We need to listen to what’s being said and act on it, we can’t be pussy-footing around doing nothing, there are things to be done and we should do them.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today in America it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  a day of service but to many it’s just a federal holiday. Sure we all know the I Have a Dream speech, but there are several other sermons and speeches that should be remembered as well.  In one of his earliest recorded sermons was one from 28 February 1954 at the Second Baptist Church in Detroit is entitled “Rediscovering Lost Values.” It seems like it could have been written recently especially with “There is something wrong with our world, something fundamentally and basically wrong. I don’t think we have to look too far to see that. I’m sure that most of you would agree with me in making that assertion. And when we stop to analyze the cause of our world’s ills, many things come to mind.”  He says that the problems lie in the hearts and souls of Men (and women). “We haven’t learned how to be just and honest and kind and true and loving. And that is the basis of our problem. ” In this sermon MLK points out that to go forward sometimes we need to do backward to do so, using the story of the finding in the temple as Mary and Joseph went back for Jesus in Jerusalem instead of continuing home. So perhaps our current state is the only way for us to move forward as a nation.

Sure this points toward the general idea that we need God, with so many irreligious in the younger generations (Gen X, Y and Z) this continues to be a struggle we face today as well. We all need to return to some religion or some other moral guidelines to show us how to behave and how to interact with others. If you’ve got some spare time today perhaps read through this sermon or some of the others.


NFL 2017 Playoffs (Divisional)

This weekend everybody is in the pool as the “bye week” is over and everyone is playing. On Saturday we start with NBC offering up the Atlanta Falcons in Philly playing the Eagles, and later in the evening on CBS the Tennessee Titans  are in New England facing the Patriots. These games seem pretty cut and dry with Atlanta and New England winning. On Sunday, we have some interesting games. We have rematches of game from earlier this season, we start in Pittsburgh on CBS where the Jacksonville Jaguars will try and do what they did a decade ago and beat the Steelers at Pittsburgh twice in the same season. Later in the afternoon on FOX in Minnesota the Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints. The Saints hope to avenge a week one loss. If I had to pick these games I think that it will not go like it did during the regular season so I’m pulling for the Steelers and Saints.


The Baptism of the Lord

We have just enough week until Lent to do all the Luminous Mysteries the decade added by John Paul II. The first Mystery of Light is the Baptism of the Lord and it can be found in several places in the Gospels (Matthew 3:13–17; Mark 1:9–11; Luke 3:21–23). The  fruit of this mystery is openness to the Holy Spirit. As John was baptizing in the Jordan Jesus came and was baptized, and heaven opened and a dove appeared over the head of Jesus and a voice cried out “This is my beloved son, with whom I am pleased.” This is a message that we all need to remember we are the beloved children of the almighty and he/she is pleased with us. Let us all be willing and open for the Spirit to come into our lives.


National Championship Game

It’s the game that no one wanted Georgia and Alabama. i am sure that everyone but those in Alabama, except for those in Auburn, are rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs. This is the other SEC Championship, sure Alabama didn’t win their division or even play in the Championship game but Georgia will be playing them tonight. Georgia is 13-1 while Alabama is 12-1. If Nick Saban wins this will tie him with Bear Bryant as the most National Championships as a coach however it will only be Saban’s fifth at Alabama, where as all six of Bryant’s were at Alabama. Now, Alabama if you didn’t know is the cream of the crop in College football only behind Princeton (28) and Yale (27) for most Championships all time with a only 16. I won’t be watching so whoever wins wins. Alabama has been in the game the past three years winning one and losing the other both in close games to Clemson. The Georgia/Oklahoma game was the best one so far this bowl season and Georgia has played several close games this season where Alabama hasn’t had to play close at all this season, so it should be an interesting game.


NFL Playoffs 2017 (Wild Card Weekend)

This weekend the NFL begins the playoffs with Wild Card Weekend. There are some interesting games to watch. On Saturday there is the Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC on ABC/ESPN and Atlanta Falcons at LA Rams in the NFC on NBC. Then on Sunday we’ve got the Buffalo Bills at the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC on CBS and the Carolina Panthers at the New Orleans Saints in the NFC on FOX.  Of all the games only the Panthers and Saints will be a rematch of a regular season game the Panthers lost both times. As for predictions it seems like the home teams have the best shots at winning, however that Bills/Jaguars game looks like it will be a close one and the Falcons/Rams game might end with the Falcons coming out with a win since they were there last year. My predictions Chiefs, Falcons, Bills and Saints.


New Years Resolutions

So to begins the year everyone talks about what they are going to be doing to improve there lives. Sure it’s a bunch of being healthier (eating better, joining a gym, doing more physical activity) however many of these resolutions seem to end in rather quickly. I myself am going to try to read at least a chapter of whatever book I’m reading at the time a day. Currently, I’m making my way through The Grapes of Wrath, sure I “read it” in high school (the first ten chapters as well as the final couple but not much from the middle). so it should be fun to find out what happens in the middle. I did a similar thing with The Handmaid’s Tale, last year I tried to read more but I got stuck in books and it didn’t help that Nintendo released the Switch in March, along with a new Zelda and Mario games.

After I finish up Grapes of Wrath, I’ve got stacks of books to read including The Divine Comedy, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, and many others along with finishing up War and Peace are all possibilities of what to read this year.


Finding of Jesus in the Temple

Turning to the final Joyful Mystery we skip forward a couple of years in the life of Jesus. It is like the other mysteries found in Luke’s Gospel this time at 2:41-52. Jesus was about twelve years old and Mary, Joseph and their friends/relatives traveled to Jerusalem for Passover and on the day they were returning home to Nazareth Jesus lingered in the Temple while his parents and all left.  Mary and Joseph though Jesus was with the group but they eventually found out that Jesus was not there so Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem and found Jesus after three days. The fruit of this mystery is True Conversion (Piety, Joy of Finding Jesus). It’s like the Parable of the Lost Lamb/Good Shepherd where the shepherd goes out and looks for the one lost lamb and when it is found the shepherd rejoices in finding it calling their friends and celebrating. We are all like Jesus here doing our own things but someone is looking for us and they will rejoice when you are found.  Let this year be one in which we rejoice in helping to find one another not as enemies but as equals.