Disney News update

It is now official Disney has bought a huge chunk of FOX. It gets everything but Fox Broadcasting network and stations, Fox News, Fox Business, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network. It will be adding the FX Networks and National Geographic as well. This sounds like great news for all around especially for Disney who will be developing not one but two streaming services Disney will now have majority control of Hulu so that might change in some way. The biggest add for Disney is the older content from a whole lot of shows, Modern Family, The Simpsons and a whole bunch of other shows as well. Most fanboys are excited as FOX owned the other half of the Marvel (Fantastic Four and X-Men) will be able to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe although it seems likely that only Fantastic Four might join. They would have to work out a new movie for them and make it a decent one and if it can be not about their origin that would be wonderful.  Then in a handful of years perhaps the X-Men would join them in the MCU somehow, yet this might happen sooner as I heard/read rumors of Hugh Jackman wanting to be Wolverine in an Avengers movie. So who knows the merger won’t happen until like 2019 at the earliest with the Department of Justice looking into any Antitrust thing in the merger.

Binging with Babish

If you haven’t watched any of these brilliant YouTube videos you are missing out. The premise of the show is that it explores the food seen or mentioned on television and movies. Since yesterday was one of the biggest eating days of the summer it feels right to talk about food today. The best thing about this show is that you can use the videos as inspiration or can go on the website for his recipes. The remarkable thing is that he has faced a wide variety of foods from ramen and pasta to burgers and several other sandwiches. The best thing is that it all seems like it would be rather easy to make most of the things even the complicated ones like the Timpano from Big Night looks like the average home chef could make it.

Is the film and television industry out of ideas?

This seems like it is the growing trend now across film and television of the revivals, remakes and quels (pre- and post-) of all types. As MarketWatch reports that of the top 15 films from the 80s only three haven’t been revived in some way (Toostie, ET and Rain Man). Sure, we’ve seen some television shows make their way to the big screen with limited success and other the opposite way. However this trend seems to be continuing, look at Disney’s upcoming slate of films most of which is live action version of already animated films. Now live action version of animated things are the way things are going currently. We’ve heard of live action adaptations of AKIRA for ages now and nothing really has been done yet disturbing news has come out that Cowboy Bebop the much adored anime series is going to be getting a live action version. Much like Akira over the years there have been rumors of a Hollywood adaptation of some sorts be it a film or series but nothing has come for this as well. Sure adapting film or remaking films is a whole lot easier than coming up with new ideas since there is already a built in audience.

Now is the a good thing or a bad thing is something that can be put up for debate as sure we like it when people come back to stories and characters we know and put their own spin on it, look at Shakespeare and stage in general everything no two performances let alone productions are alike. Most recently Hollywood has made some horrible attempts to revive properties specifically in Baywatch and Ghostbusters. However there are others which have worked real well the MTS3K revival on Netflix feels like the old show and we’ve just missed a couple of seasons. While I would like new movies to come out it seems like everything Hollywood is working on is a part of a connected universe based on the success that Marvel has had.

Is Rotten Tomatoes ruining the film industry?

Quartz has a brilliant article out about how the Film industry are blaming Rotten Tomatoes for killing bad films. Now I am positive that Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the only thing that is killing the movie industry, sure it may play a role but with the high cost of movie tickets and so many options available for people to watch/stream/binge perhaps Hollywood needs to start making better movies to begin with. Critics often pan movies that the average joes love. This is a valid point but even going to imdb to check out how others think the movie or metacritic and the reviews aren’t much better.  Look at the top films of the year it is loaded with sequels, remakes, and franchises all things that people are comfortable with. As the article points out ” Risk-averse Hollywood has been relying too heavily on existing intellectual properties from TV, film, comic books, and literature—and viewers are growing weary of it.” Worst of all often times it seems that nothing really happens in the film and the characters are the same at the beginning and the end.  Maybe Hollywood should start making fewer movie and spend more time on them to make them better. Look at what Netflix or HBO, AMC, FX, even USA have done as they are all producing shows that people really like and are talking about from House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul to Fargo and Mr. Robot most of these show seem worlds better than what Hollywood has been offering over he past decade or so. I make about two or three trips to the movie theaters a year and go to see what I want no matter what critics say.

Star Trek and Wars begin production

CBS has released a video announcing the beginning of filming of Star Trek: Discovery. It’s a cool thing and hopefully CBS will realize that putting it only on their Watch CBS app might not be a smart idea. Air it on the network sometimes or place it on the CW, I for one is am not going to pay 6 dollars to watch a show. Now this show is going to have to do something to make people want to watch it as there hasn’t been a Star Trek television show since 2005 and that was Enterprise. Sure the rebooted film series has been a huge success but this is show is set a decade before the Original Series and isn’t connected with the film universe in any way as far as I know.

The other cool news is that the Han Solo movie has also begun production. This is that film about Han Solo that is being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the minds behind Clone High, The Lego Movie and other such films. This movie will be about Han Solo and Lando hanging out, perhaps some Han being a smuggler (Kessel Run and Jabba) and will perhaps feature Han winning the Falcon off of Lando in a game of Sabacc. I like how this is the one thing that I really hope makes it into the Han Solo Movie. Perhaps this will lead to some set of cards coming out so I can own a deck.

2017: a Look forward

What to expect in this upcoming year, we’ve got a Trump Presidency, the UK beginning the process to leave the EU formally, a World Expo in the Summer. The Kennedy assassination document will be released to the public and placed in the US Archives.

In the World of sport 2017 will mark the 100th year of the NHL. We will get the Fourth World Baseball Classic, this is the biggest baseball tournament since the Olympics dropped Baseball and Softball, however with the reintroduction of the event in the 2020 games hopefully it will become like a World Cup for Baseball.

There are some really cool space things happening this upcoming year as it will be the first time since the Revolutionary War that a solar eclipse will have the track of totality only in the United States.  Cassini will end its mission and crash into Saturn but we will be getting some wonderful information about the rings and other Saturn stuff.

Among the movies and television shows that are coming out we’ve got a mixed bag. Sure on TV we will get a new Star Trek show, which many have been waiting for. Netflix has been saying that they will double their original programing this year. We will have three installments from the Marvel Universe in Iron First, The Defenders and The Punisher; second seasons of Voltron, Love and Master of None. Bill Nye, MST3K and Twin Peaks are both coming back as well. Movie-wise there is the latest installment of Star Wars, Dunkirk which looks amazing, a third Wolverine movie, the Live action Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and a Blade Runner sequel. These are just the highlights of what’s to come as a bunch of Netflix programs haven’t been given release dates and we can only hope that the film will be released when they say they will

News Roundup

South Park: Like most of the world Trey and Matt thought that Hillary was going in to win the election. So as a result they were forced to change up the plot of their newest episode.  Unlike the Obama /McCain election episode of eight years ago which was a heist story in About Last Night… , but since season 18 each season has become a continuous story.. So the Douche won and not the Turd Sandwich but the season will continue making fun of life as we know it.

Colbert: In light of the election Stephen Colbert offers some a great reflection on it during his Showtime election special. If you haven’t watched it please take the time and do so. This is what we need in a time with such deep division amongst the people of this great nation.

Sesame Street:This sounds like fun the folks over at Warner Brothers are working on a treatment to develop a new Sesame Street movie. Will it be something akin to Follow that Bird or more of Elmo in Grouchland? That is still to decide however they say that the film will appeal to both the parents and the kids who watch it, as most parents of young children grew up watching Sesame Street it seem like a logical move. Hopefully it get made.

News Roundup

Space X: Space X has announced a crazy plan to go to Mars and even farther, here’s the video. How any of this will work and when it will happen but Elon Musk has been planning for a Mars mission in the mid 2020s.

Movies: Martin Scorsese’s latest film based on Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence has a release date. It is about the Japanese persecution of the Catholics in the 1600s. The film will come out in selected places on December 23 and later on across the country. This is so that the film qualifies for this upcoming years Oscars. I’m looking forward to the first trailer as this movie is one that I will be going to see this winter along with Rogue One.

The August Wilson play Fences is also coming to the screen. This will be the first of Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle to be made into a film and hopefully this film is successful. If it brings all ten of the show on to the screen it would be amazing as Wilson’s works are wonderful. He is one of a few playwrights to win two Pulitzer Prizes and most of the others are considered among the pantheon of American Drama (Edward Albee, Eugene O’Neill, George S. Kaufman, Thornton Wilder, and Tennessee Williams). It would be wonderful if more people went to see plays but if they were made into movies that would fix the problem as well.

The Exorcist and Catholic Literature

With the new television show coming out this fall the Atlantic has an interesting article about it and Catholic Literature as well. It notes that in the 70s when the book and film were released Catholicism had a place in the world as opposed to today where skepticism about religion seems to reign. Currently attendance at Mass on Sunday is down and it seems that after Confirmation many young people leave the Church until perhaps they get married and have kids but that might not even happen as it’s more of a cultural Catholicism that exist.

William Blatty considered his book to be “an argument for God … an apostolic work, to help people in their faith” will this be explored in the new series or will it just be a horror show with superficial elements of Catholicism tossed in now and then.  Sure it seems likely that the show will be closer to the latter but there are more stories to be told about Catholicism. It is more than just The Story about Jesus and what’s in the Bible. Sure most of the religion we get on TV and in the movies in some basic Christianity, but never goes that far into explaining what type. We’ve got like two great examples of Catholicism on television currently that of the sunny Jane Villanueva on Jane the Virgin and the darker Matt Murdock on Daredevil, lets hope if they go for more of a Daredevil and questions of faith/catholic guilt route in the show.

This is one of the problems that currently exists in the world of television and literature sure there are bound to be several Catholics behind shows and books but where are those days of a Flannery O’Connor who is well regarded as a masterful writer, I can’t name any modern writers who are Catholic that don’t write books that are about faith or saints. We could also take a look at Catholic celebrities and that’s a short list off the top of my head Stephen Colbert, Mark Walburgh, Martin Sheen, and Jim Gaffigan.  Would it be good to see more celebrities make a deal about what they believe sure especially with how much the average person can follow their favorite celebs. This might bring about a more robust revival of Catholic characters on television, films and book that are deemed Catholic literature