Nickelodeon’s 90s revival

This upcoming year is going to be a time for many revivals in the form of TV movies. First up this November Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will come out it takes place two years after the show ended. There is a first look up on YouTube as well as a sneak peak.   It looks like it will be a whole lot better than that Legends of the Hidden Temple movie they made last year.  Sometime in 2018 Rocko’s Modern Life comes back with an hour special which brings back the whole cast to reprise their roles and at Comic Con they had a sneak peak. This has the same feeling of the original show and it’s on this list of shows that i want to watch.  I hope that we don’t have to wait all the way to next November for Rocko to come out. but who really knows. Now if they could only do some other live action shows as well like Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Pete and Pete, or just throw a dart up there at the NickSplat lineup. These were all fun shows and the I’m sure that the fans of the old shows would love to see some of these come back as long as they are good.

International Chess Day

Today is International Chess Day the day that the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded way back in 1924. If you have a chance break out a Chess board and play a game either with a friend or even against the computer online. I’ve been a fan of Chess since I was a kid and that movie Searching for Bobby Fischer came out. Now I haven’t gotten that crazy about chess sure I’ve analyzed my games taking notation of past game, one of my roommates in college had a chess clock and we’d play like 5 minute games at midnight with some beer or wine, those were some fun times. I have got to get a clock at some point. So Happy Chess Day everyone.

News Roundup

First off Family Guy has released a nine minute Adam West tribute on YouTube. It’s a nice tribute for a wonderful actor.

Next Disney had their huge  D23 convention this past weekend and there is tons of news coming out.  Incredibles 2 starts shortly after the end of the original, Wreck it Ralph 2 will spoof Disney Princesses and the internet, the Live action Aladdin has been cast with Will Smith as the Genie, The Jungle Cruise ride will be getting it’s own movie with The Rock, there was also talk about Star Wars and the next Avengers movie but I expect to see/hear more about those at the SDCC. The coolest news was about a Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World as well as a whole Star Wars land Galaxy’s Edge coming to Disney World and Disneyland

Finally, there is a new Doctor on Doctor Who and spoilers it’s a woman. The Doctor is Jodie Whittaker, she was on Broadchurch and in the film Attack the Block. Now sure it is great that The Doctor is female but I hope that’s not the whole plot. It seems likely that we might get a male companion for the first time since in all seriousness Adric as they seem to like the romance aspect of the Doctor and Companion over their first couple of episodes. I really hope that they don’t make that big of a deal over the fact that the Doctor is now female since we’ve gone through this with Missy (The Master) a couple of years ago and they didn’t make such a big deal about it.

Emmy Awards, the weird categories

So the nominations came out today for the Emmy awards and while i was looking at them I discovered that there is an Emmy for Best Commercial. Sure it’s one of the Creative Arts Emmy that get handed out before the Primetime Emmy Awards. Yet it sure is cool that commercials can win awards somewhere.

There are also awards for best Casting in all four categories as well as Main title design and music. Then there are tons of makeup awards one for non-prosthetics and another for prosthetics. According to the Wikipedia page the Creative Arts are going to be televised this year on FXX September 16, the night before the Emmy Awards are broadcast. They won’t be live but they are going to be televised which I think is the first time this is happening ever. I might check it out.

Adam Ruins Everything

This is one of the better shows on television in which you learn something in each episode. The new season came out on July 11 and Adam Conover did an interview with Den of Geek and talked about the show and upcoming season.  Adam Conover’s show started as a web series on College Humor it was picked up as a show by truTv and has been airing since the fall of 2016. The best part of the show is that it shines light on popular false impressions and trends, debunking false ideas that pervade American society. Like how the De Beer’s diamond company is behind the diamond engagement ring, how Mickey Mouse screwed up the copyright laws in America, or how the MPAA ratings are pointless. This upcoming season Adam tackles having a baby, dieting, the suburbs,  conspiracy theories and even the show itself. If you want to watch a new show this is something that I would recommend.

Binging with Babish

If you haven’t watched any of these brilliant YouTube videos you are missing out. The premise of the show is that it explores the food seen or mentioned on television and movies. Since yesterday was one of the biggest eating days of the summer it feels right to talk about food today. The best thing about this show is that you can use the videos as inspiration or can go on the website for his recipes. The remarkable thing is that he has faced a wide variety of foods from ramen and pasta to burgers and several other sandwiches. The best thing is that it all seems like it would be rather easy to make most of the things even the complicated ones like the Timpano from Big Night looks like the average home chef could make it.

Musicals about America

Everyone knows about the stage musicals Hamilton, 1776, and perhaps George M!. Along with the movie adaption of 1776 (with William Daniels) and Yankee Doodle Dandy. These are great musicals to bring out on Independence Day but there are a few others some like the First Lady and Daughter Suites by Michael John LaChuisa you might of heard of since the First Daughter Suite came out in 2015 which sort of revived interest in the First Lady Suite. However there are a couple more musical that I know of one if a Pulitzer Prize winner and the other was a legendary flop.

The Pulitzer Prize winner is Of Thee I Sing from The Gershwin Brothers with a book by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind. This musical is a satirical look at politics in America, it inspired The Marx Brothers classic film Duck Soup. Sure this is from way back in 1931 so the plot is pretty strange in the musical a Presidential candidate Wintergreen runs on a “love platform” and they have a beauty pageant to select the who Wintergreen will fall in love with. This doesn’t turn out as expected as Wintergreen falls for another girl. It is worth looking for to listen to and a version was on television in the 70s so you can see it if you want as well. I found out about this as I was looking up musicals that won a Pulitzer Prize since I was in two of them back in high school.

The flop is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and is from Leonard Bernstein and Alan Jay Lerner. It ran seven performances on Broadway. The musical tells the story of the White House from 1800-1900 and focuses on race relations. It came out in 1976 and the only time it was revived was in 1992 by the Indiana University Opera Theatre production and it also briefly ran at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. However this has been turned into a Choral that sort of is the only way that you can hear most of the music today in A White House Cantata. Since the Bernstein estate controls the licensing of performances of the cantata version, but refuses to allow the performance, recording, or publication of the original musical. In early versions it was a weird sort of meta-musical where the actors would comment on what was happening at the time when the show moved to Broadway they eventually settled on the idea that “America is a play always in rehearsal full of constant revisions” and dropped the commentary sections. Technically there is no cast recording available to listen to but some of the songs have had a second life notably “Take Care of This House” which was preformed at the Carter Inauguration and has been covered by many others.

Sure there is good chance that the film Independence Day will be on somewhere today so if you are interested take a listen to one of the several musicals listen about or watch some thing the help you celebrate Independence Day.

Record revival

This is about one of the strangest stories I’ve read in a while as Sony is going to start making records again after abandoning the format three decades ago. Sure audiophiles are all about the warm sound of records and more and more artists are starting to release records more and more. Just look at the resurgence of record shops around the world. It’s fairly weird that so many people are seeking out records. I highly doubt we would ever see such a revival of tapes or some other format that used to be all the rage. The funniest thing about this article is that Sony is concerned with finding people who know how to press records as it is such a rare skill today. It’s great that they are following the trend and making things for their consumers. Great move Sony.


Recently, I’ve been getting more into podcasts, sure I’ve been listening to Radiolab, Hardcore History and the Folger Library’s Shakespeare podcast for awhile now but I’ve added quite a few recently. First off is LeVar Burton Reads, in which LeVar Burton reads us a short story. People have described it as an adult Reading Rainbow, so take a chance and listen to it. I’ve added WTF with Marc Maron and it is pretty great as well. Maron talks with celebrities about a wide variety of topics it is sort of like a talk show interview but a whole lot better since it isn’t just a 5 minute segment plugging something new coming out. The ESPN 30 for 30 podcast looks interesting I’ve found many of the documentaries to be pretty good so I’ve added this as well but haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet. Also the Smithsonian has a podcast Sidedoor about different objects in their collection I’ve listened to most of these and it’s pretty great.

Any other great podcast to checkout and listen to?

Animaniacs revival?

In light of the rumors of an Animaniacs revival taking place soon. I stumbled upon Ron Paulsen (voice of Yakko) singing an updated Yakko’s World song for 2017. Now Animaniacs followed  siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner. The show was an animated variety show which aired in from 1993-98 in the afternoon as a part of the kid friendly television block which featured the likes of Batman the Animated Series, X-Men, Power Rangers, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Goosebumps. It was a great block of programing and I am sure if this rumored revival of Animaniacs happens it would be a wonderful show that would be enjoyed by both young and old alike.