Lesser known Saints

Peter Damian, OSB ( c. 1007 – 21/22 February 1072 or 1073)
Peter Damian is a Doctor of the Church, but what attracted me to Damian is that over on wikipedia  it says that he is the patron saint of Parkour/ free running. Perhaps this is because his body was moved six times after his death? Damian was born into a large family but they were poor and he was orphaned early in life, one of his older brothers adopted him but things didn’t go well as Peter’s older brother mistreated him and underfed him as he watched a swineherd. After some year another brother, who was a priest took pity on Peter and took him to be educated. Around 1035, Peter Damian decided to become a Benedictine monk. He was a reformer in the church as well and was friends with many Popes. Dante has him in the seventh sphere of heaven and many consider him to be a predecessor of Francis of Assisi

Wulfric of Haselbury (c.1080 (?)–20 February 1154)
Wulfric has a cool name to begin with and not much is really know about his childhood. He became a priest but became to addicted to hunting with hawks and hounds that after an encounter with a beggar Wulfric decided to pursue more “Godly things” and he moved to a parish. It seems this didn’t last long as Wulfric in 1125 decided to become an anchorite. He was anchorite at St. Michael and All Angels Church and had his cell on the north side of the building. Anchorites seem common in England but they are individuals who want to be withdrawn from the world. It is said that King Stephen visited several times. Wulfirc was one of the most infulentianl anchorite priests of Medieval England, after his death there was a fight over his body the monks who provided him food laid claim to his body but the people of the town had other ideas. The locals won out and Wulfric was buried somewhere around the church.

Francisco (11 June 1908 – 4 April 1919), and Jacinta Marto (11 March 1910 – 20 February 1920)
Francisco and Jacinta are not saints yet but they will be someday along with their cousin Lucia Santos (28 March 1907 – 13 February 2005). They are commonly known as the Fatima children, they were shepherds who saw Mary in Fatima starting on 13 May 1917, this apparition would continue for six months it wasn’t just Mary the apparitions began in 1916 with angels appearing to the children and teaching them prayers. Francisco and Jacinta would succumb to the Spanish Flu. Lucia became a Carmelite, wrote many books about Fatima and lived a long life.

Juliana of Nicomedia (d. 304)
Juliana is interesting since the legend surrounding her is actually pretty true. Juliana was the daughter of an influential pagan who had her betrothed to one of the Emperor’s cronies. Juliana refused the advances and wished to remain a virgin. Juliana went out and was baptized against her father wishes and when the Emperor’s pal asked again she told him she was a Christian saying “Unless you abandon the adoration of meaningless idols and you worship my Lord Christ I won’t marry you, because it is impossible for our bodies to be unified if our hearts militate”. Juliana was soon handed over to the judge/jury/executioner her former fiance since she was a Christian, she was flogged then sent to prison when she refused yet again.  Juliana was beheaded for her faith.



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