Lesser Known Saints

This week there is a smattering of saints and a for a bunch of them not much is really known.

Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne (fl. 600)
Ursicinus was a hermit monk who was a disciple of Columbanus and followed him after he was banished from Burgundy, but Ursicinus retired and became a hermit near Jura. It is said that his remains are preserved at St. Ursanne.

Anastasius I (died 19 December 401)
Anastasius was Pope for about two years. During his papacy he fought the Donatists in Northern Africa and held a council on Origen’s writings. Anastasius was friends with Jerome, and Augustine.

Wivina (1103–1168)
Wivina was a Benedictine Abbess from France. She refused all marriage proposals and at the age of 23 left her home and became a hermitess in Belgium.

Sturm or Sturmius or Sturmi, (c. 705 – 17 December 779)
Strum was a disciple of St. Boniface and founded the monastery at Fulda. Fulda became a major pilgrimage site and wealth and prosperity came along with it. Strum was sent into exile in Normandy around 760 this was pardoned by Pippin the Younger, Stum and the monastery would later find themselves under the protection of Charlemagne.

Virginia Centurione Bracelli (2 April 1587 – 15 December 1651)
Virginia was daughter of the Doge of Genoa and desired to live a cloistered life. This didn’t happen as she was forced into a marriage, this marriage didn’t last long Virginia had two children and her husband died so at the age of twenty she was a widower. She began doing charitable works and assisting the needy and sick. She is one of the incorrupt saints. Virginia is a great example of what lay people can do to make the world a better place.

Adelaide of Italy or Burgundy (931 – 16 December 999),
Adelaide was the second wife of Otto the Great and was crowned Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Many say that she was the most influential European women in the 10th century. Adelaide’s first marriage didn’t end well as her husband was poisoned, she fled after the murdered forced her to marry his son. Adelaide was eventually found and she was placed in captivity.  After four months she managed to escape and she threw herself on the mercy of Otto the Great. Times passed and when Otto I died Adelaide retired to a nunnery and although she never became a nun she devoted herself to the service of the church and peace as well as converting the Slavs. She died just day before she believed that Christ would come ag


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