I Am Santa Claus (2014)

This is an great little documentary about real bearded Santas, and it features Mick Foley so there is even more to be  excited about. The documentary follows around five men who are bearded Santas through a year so we can see what all they do the other months of the year.  I heard about this film on The Daily Show as they interviewed Mick Foley about the film and it sounded like something to watch in the time leading up to Christmas.  Mick Foley is best known as Mankind is a huge fan of Christmas and he is one of the men featured as he learns a little about the ins and out of being Santa. The other four are all interesting individuals as well.

The film offers a unique look into the life of a Santa as they seem to be ubiquitous in that short time period from late November to just before Christmas, but what do they do when they aren’t sitting in those chairs and being sat on. As it turns out there are many Santa centric events during the year and even an organization of Santa Claus’s who have real beards. This film show us that the people who are Santa are just like us normal people and even within their organization there are people who look down upon the things that other do in their personal life. I really enjoyed one of the individuals as we begin with him at the DMV changing the name on his license to Santa Claus, as he has gotten his name changed. The lengths some people go to for their craft. Mick Foley’s story was interesting as well since he went and found out how to be a Santa from a Santa who lives on Santa Claus Lane.

The film was very interesting and if you have some free time in the upcoming weeks perhaps watching I am Santa Claus would be a great thing to do, before all the big movies come out at/around Christmas. It is a fun movie on Netflix and is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.


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