News Roundup

Beer: As we enter the holiday season where there is sure to be a good deal of drinking this is a great place to start. Budweiser is having trouble attracting Millennials to drink their beer. The Atlantic reports and I can confirm that young drinkers are not going to buy a Budweiser when they can easily get something that tastes a whole lot better with spending a little more money. Now Budweiser is not going to change they way it brews its beer or introduce a new product line to attract millennials, like Pizza Hut just did, but is just going to change up its advertising by putting the iconic Clydesdale’s on the sideline, at least for the holiday season.

Shakespeare: This is a really cool story a first folio has been found in France. This folio was found in the library at Saint-Omer as it had been sitting on a shelf for the past 200 or so years. The book they say is missing some pages and was most likely brought by some fleeing English clergy member and they were welcomed by the Jesuits at Saint-Omer. During the French Revolution the Jesuit library became the public library. The library also had a Gutenberg Bible.  The finding of the folio is remarkable as there are little over 200 or so that still exist.

Language: I stumbled upon this the other day it’s 2 year old but It was interesting that some linguist is claiming that English is a Scandinavian language. Now this is a silly idea as pointed out on the Language Log it basically says that there is no real concrete evidence of this. It goes on to talk about how English is a West Germanic language and has grammar elements from the Scandinavian language and some loan words from the French and Norse but this is common with many languages that there is contact with another language and things get assimilated and over the year morph into something new look at how much English has changed since Shakespeare or take a look at the English spoken in the United States and that in the United Kingdom.

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