In the past years I’ve done history (Thanksgiving is older than many believe) and last year’s focus was on Hanukkah being on thanksgiving so this year will be a little different as we will be talking turkey.

A typical Thanksgiving day in my family is like most other families we watch the parade and towards the end of the parade we start cooking everything that’s not premade. We might watch the dog show or which ever football game it on while we do thing as well.  As we eat dinner at around 4, it is always an early meal on Thanksgiving. Our eating doesn’t start at dinner with the appetizers before hand.

There are the typical spread of cheese and crackers nothing too fancy that are found around the country but we have a couple special appetizers as well. It is not a gathering at my parents house without chips and Garlic dip, and this isn’t some rinky-dink garlic and onion dip but full blown garlic as it typically has about a head of garlic in it, my sister adapted my uncle’s recipe. Also we have Grandma’s quiches, typical egg, bacon and cheese in a biscuit crust baked in muffin tins, these were a specialty of Grandma making them bring back memories of her and Thanksgivings past.  This might be supplemented by cereal mix, which is basically homemade Chex Mix and nuts.

As for the meal itself it’s got Turkey and a bunch of carbohydrates. My family does the Turkey which is brined before hand and left to dry before roasting it in the over for however long that takes. One of these year the turkey is going to be deep fried I just never have gotten around to getting a deep fryer. In years past we’d have stuffing along side mashed or sweet potatoes, not sure if that will happen this year as my Mom’s gone gluten-free. Although if Dad wants some stuffing it can be made along with a mixture of potatoes and sweet potatoes mashed together. There will be bread of some type as well. With the carbohydrates there is also some vegetables this means broccoli bars and a spinach salad, everyone loves the broccoli bars and are typically one of the things that there are few leftovers of. Also I always made deviled eggs, I’ve been making them forever it seems and usually I use a mixture of mustards in the filling. One of my favorite parts of making deviled eggs is using crackers to eat the rest of the egg yolk mixture after the eggs are filled. There might be an additional vegetable but that is about it and we typcially have a can of cranberry sauce.

This is the time for pies. This year i know we have an apple pie and something else coming. However after all the food at the main meal dessert is really an afterthought of the day. Sure pie and coffee are nice, but I’ve never had any damn fine coffee or pie on Thanksgiving.


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