News Roundup

Queen of the United Kingdom: A unique story out of England as Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning monarch in history surpassing Victoria 63 years and 216 days reign. It’s a pretty unique event although I doubt that much will really be made of it since that would be considered gauche

Netflix: It has been announced that Charlie Brooker’s dystopian sci-fi television series Black Mirror has been picked up by Netflix. They will be making original episodes. This is a huge get as Black Mirror has been on of the biggest hit by people telling other about the show. I myself have even raved about it since it is a unique show about the future of technology and the world that might be created by it.

Bernie Sanders: There a big article about how Sanders is surging and leading Hilary Clinton even though he is expressing some socialist ideas. Although as the article points out that Sanders is more like a Social Democrat or even a New Deal Democrat.  But the bigger thing about the article is how socialist ideas have become things that young Americans are craving, Free college tuition. Doubling the minimum wage. A single-payer, universal health care system. Sanders advocates the Nordic model where basic needs are provided for so everyone can get on the same level. This would be a wonderful place to live if the United States tried this sure taxes would be higher, but there could be a high percentage on the rich. This would be a great way to build the middle class and all that jazz.


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