Christmas Cookies

It is that time of year, sure it is Advent but that planning for Christmas cookies has come. The Washington Post had their annual cookie issue of the Food section this week. For the past several years when the issue came out me and my sisters would look at it and pick what cookies to make. Now in years past there have been some interesting cookies included a couple years ago there was a Hazelnut-chocolate chip graham cracker cookie, along with one of my favorite sugar cookie recipe (the secret is mace) but this year none of the cookies caught my eye. There were a couple gluten free cookies, which I might make for my mom if I don’t find any other gluten free recipes out in the vastness of the internet.

For Christmas the cookies that are currently being made are the following, mint chocolate stars (although they won’t be star shaped), sugar, spritz, chocolate and mint swirl, spice or gingerbread, biscotti,  something gluten free and maybe some other type of cookie. The spritz and mint chocolate stars are Christmas tradition in my family.  Any other suggestions for cookies?



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