Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

So this is the movie that won Jennifer Lawrence her Oscar. This past weekend I watched Silver Linings Playbook and felt that it was just alright, sure it was a cute love story about mentally unbalanced people but that was about it. I felt that Jennifer Lawrence was getting her Oscar for being overlooked for her performance in Winter’s Bone.

(there’s bound to be spoilers)

On with the movie so we have Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper falling in love with each other. Why is it that always in all movies it some like 40 something that falls in love with a 20 something? I mean there are other actresses and actors out there that could make a reasonable couple, it’s like how all women have one fat friend in movies and television but that’s enough about common tropes.Then there is the whole plot device of getting a letter to Pat’s estranged wife which anyone could see where this was heading, they basically pointed it out in the dialogue.

I’ve glanced over a synopsis of the book Silver Linings Playbook and wish that they were more faithful to the book, like getting rid of the whole gambling subplot, which brings up a whole point that was never addressed and that is the obsessive compulsive tendencies of Pat’s father. However I guess that if Robert DeNiro is in your movie you would want him to do something.  I am not a therapist but If Pat is looking for a silver linings in his life wouldn’t it be best for him to try to avoid things from his past so he doesn’t have a relapse and that neighbor kid who wants to interview Pat about his mental disorder was it that necessary to the movie.

Overall it wasn’t a rave worthy movie like so many people hyped it to be. It was nice and perhaps if I actually cared for the characters I might have thought it was a splendid movie. However my opinion my be a bit skewed as I know the Philadelphia Eagles have had a fan base that was bit rowdy, i mean they have/had a jail in the stadium. So the story was nice two broken people who “find” each other and they become whole again. It is nice to see movies that could happen but it would be nice to see actors in Hollywood that better resembled the American people.



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