2019 World Series Champions

The Washington Nationals are the World Series Champions in thrilling fashion. One of the biggest upsets in a while as a team that almost everyone had counted out in May when they were 19-31 and there were calls for Manager Davey Martinez to be fired. Then they managed to come from behind time and again. Getting one of the two wild cards and then in the Wild Card Game coming from behind against the Brewers while one of the best Closers in baseball is on the mound. In the NLDS after years of suffering in the 5 game series, to come back from behind twice against the Dodgers to winning games 4 and 5 to finally get over the hump. Then there was the relatively easy NLCS when the Cardinals were swept after which the Nats had a week off before the World Series began. As the World Series began it started strong with Washington beating Houston twice in Houston coming back home they lost all three of those games so heading back to Houston they were down 3-2 and once again the Nationals came back twice winning games 6 and 7 to bring the Title to Washington for the first time since 1924. It was great to see this team break through finally and perhaps there is more to come in the upcoming years.

Baseball Season begins

Sure, I’m a day late but my Nationals had their game in Cincinnati pushed back to Friday so I forgot to do this yesterday. We’ve got six new Managers and five of them do not have any experience managing, it will be an interesting year for all involved.

First off predictions it seems like most of the teams from last year will be making it back again.
AL East- Yankees and Red Sox
AL Central- Indians
AL West- Astros

NL East- Nationals
NL Central- Cubs
NL West- Dodgers

Maybes: Twins or Angels as the other AL Wild Card.  As for the NL Wild Cards not really sure some are positing that the Phillies are back other say the Mets have a team or the D-back and Cardinals

Second: Shohei Ohtani will be one of the biggest stories of the season, Ohtani was a dual threat in Japan for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters pitching and hitting. This past winter he made the move to the MLB and the LA Angels where he will be pitching and playing as designated hitter. Ohtani will be pitching on Sunday and there have been discussion of how he will be used.

It is also the first day of the Divine Mercy Novena.

The AL and NL Division Series

Today the Baseball playoffs begin in earnest as the American League Division Series starts today at 4 PM on the Major League Baseball Network, it’s that time of year when we all search for the network, as the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros meet in Houston. This is the first time that these teams have ever met in the playoffs but they finished the season against each other during the regular season the home team won the series with Houston winning four last weekend in Houston while Boston took two of three in June. The night continues at 7:30 PM on Fox Sports 1, with the New York Yankees traveling to Cleveland to face the Indians. If history continues the Indians look to be favorites to win as the past two times they met in the division round playoffs Cleveland has come out on top, these past wins came in 1997 and 2007 in 98 they met in the Championship series and New York won.

Most pundits are having the Cleveland Indians make it through easily as well as the Houston Astros. Although if those other teams the Yankees and Red Sox made it that would be the series that people would want to watch. However it looks like the Indians will make it through and the rotation in Houston will be tough to play against, but they were just playing so either team could win.

On Friday we get a whole lot of baseball as the day begins at 2 PM when the ALDS continues then in the evening the National League Division Series begins at 7:30 PM on TBS as the Washington Nationals take on the Chicago Cubs in Washington. This is the first post season meeting between the two teams in the regular season Washington took the season series but the last time they played was back in early August. This game is followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks traveling to LA to face the Dodgers at around 10:30 PM and this looks like a tough series for the Dodgers as the past two series the D-backs swept the Dodgers.  It’s the first time that these two have met in the postseason. So who knows how this series is actually going to go.

Experts are pulling for the Nationals and the Dodgers for a rematch of last years epic NLDS. Although there are some that are saying that the Cubs might get by the Nationals since they have played more meaningful games lately. I’m pulling for the Nationals and D-backs to advance since that looks like an easier series to win, but as long as the Nationals get into the Championship series I’d be happy.

Baseball Playoffs 2017

Well they begin on Tuesday night with the American League Wild Card Game but all the teams are set and most of the matchups have been made. In the AL we’ve got Cleveland, Houston, Boston, New York and Minnesota while in the NL there are Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Arizona and Colorado. This year has some interesting things that can happen in both leagues we know for sure that the NLDS will have a rematch of two NL West teams as the Dodgers will face either the Diamondbacks or Rockies in one there is also a chance that in the AL the same thing could happen with the Indians possibly playing the Twins rivals in the AL Central.

The Twins became the first team to make the playoffs after losing 100 game in the previous season.  It is a pretty unique group of teams as so many have wait for so long to win a World Series with only the Yankees, Red Sox and Cub winning in the past decade.

In the Wild Card games we’ve got the Twins and Yankees playing for the right to battle the Indians in the American League while the Diamondback and Rockies see who is going to travel to LA for a couple of games.  It would be cool if the Twins won since I think it would be a very unique series if they played Cleveland one more time this season. and because think of the storyline if they and the Nationals made it to the World Series the last team from Washington (The Senators in 1924) to win the World Series being the team the Nationals have to get over to win the World Series. In the Arizona and Colorado game they know each other fairly well and both have done well against the Dodgers this year so either team will make for an exciting series. It’s a coin toss in the NL. However this is only a one game series so anybody could win either game.

In the Division Series in the American League there are the Cleveland Indians playing either Twins or Yankees while Boston and Houston match up against each other and these two team have just seem each other facing off in the last series of the season. Over in the National League the LA Dodgers  will play either the Rockies or Diamondbacks while the Nationals and Cubs will be facing off in what most were predicting would have been last years NLCS. More on these games on Thursday.

Baseball at mid-season

First off this upcoming Tuesday is the All-Star game and once again it is a meaningless game as home field advantage will no longer be tied to who wins the game. Now the American League has been on a fairly long streak winning the past four games and having won 22 of the past 29 games. The game is in Miami so don’t expect many home runs, with Miami hosting it make Tampa Bay as the only current city who has not hosted an All-Star game and I believe they are going to need a new Stadium before that happens. Tampa Bay to Montreal?

Back before the season I made some blanket predictions with  Boston, Cleveland, the Astros as well as perhaps the Rangers, Mariners or Blue Jays making the playoffs in the American League. As well as the Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers, Giants with perhaps the Mets or the Cardinals making the playoffs in the National League. Currently I’m sticking with the division winners in the AL but those wild cards teams not so much. The Yankees with Aaron Judge, presumptive AL Rookie of the Year, have become a contender to challenge the Red Sox as the season winds down along and the Tampa Bay Rays are keeping pace as well. The Indians also have some work to do as the Twins and Royals have been at their heels all season. In the NL it seems that the Nationals and Dodgers are the odd on favorites to win their divisions, yet the NL Central is a division anyone could win Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals even the Pirates and Reds have a chance to win it. However if the season ended today Arizona and Colorado would be playing in the Wild Card game. There is still so much more of the season left and anything could happen.

Baseball Opening Day Predictions

As the new Baseball season begins it is time for some really early predictions about this upcoming season.

Forget the formalities as most people are picking roughly the same teams to make the playoffs as last year. In the American League two teams Boston and Cleveland are highly favored to win their divisions.  Then we have the AL West which is a bit tighter the Astros are favored but there are a couple spoilers sitting there in the Rangers and the surprising Mariners.  Those might be the wild card teams as well but I’d put in the Blue Jays since they been in the playoffs the past two years. The story is the same in the National League with the Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers, Giants making the playoffs with perhaps the Mets or the Cardinals scoring the wild cards.

Now all these guys are the usual suspects and surely there will be some surprise team that makes itself known or injuries will hurt some team. It’s the time of possibilities it seems like all the predictions out there for the season have it ending exactly like last year with the Cubs and Indians meeting in the World Series but you have to go back to 1978 for the last time that the World Series was a rematch of the previous World Series.  This however seems very unlikely.

Division Series

Now that the Wild Card games are over we know who all the teams in this round are. Congratulation go to the Blue Jays and Giants for making their way out of the Wild Card games. The Giants hope that history can repeat itself and they can come home with another title after winning the Wild Card game. Now in past years the winners of these games have done fairly well especially in the National League.

The American League kick off the Division series this afternoon with the Toronto Blue Jays traveling to play the Texas Rangers. Over the season it was pretty close with Toronto winning four of the seven games they played. So it could be anyone’s game to win, but I’m thinking the Rangers might have a better chance to come out on top. Later on in the day the Boston Red Sox will host the Cleveland Indians. During the season Boston had their way with Cleveland taking four of the six game from them. It’s David Ortiz’s final postseason so it seems likely that his teammate will want him to go out on top. Both team will play again at the early times on Friday.  I hope that the ALCS ends up as Rangers playing the Red Sox

In the National League play begins on Friday afternoon with the Washington Nationals hosting the LA Dodgers. This isn’t that great news for the Nationals as during the season they only managed to win a game against the Dodgers but those games were back in July. Kershaw hasn’t really been great in the Postseason either. I am pulling for my Nationals to make it out of the Division series for the first time in history. The late game on Friday in the Chicago Cubs playing the San Francisco Giants. Everyone one has been predicting that this is the Cubs year but this is going to be a tough series and should help whomever comes out of the Nationals/Dodgers in the next round. The Giants hope to once again win a World Series Title in an even numbered year. The Cubs haven’t won in a century.  I’m hoping that it’s the Cubs playing that Nationals for the NLCS.

MLB Playoffs preview

The Baseball regular season doesn’t end until next week October 2 or perhaps later with a play-in game. So far most divisions have a winner except for the AL Central where Cleveland has a seven game lead on Detroit but they play each other the next couple of days. As for the wild cards that might get even crazier over the next week.

In the American League Texas has won their divisions, with Cleveland on the verge of winning the Central and Boston having clinched a playoff spot but the Yankees could play spoiler along with Toronto and force Boston into the Wild Card game but that seems unlikely. In the Wild Card race Toronto, Baltimore and Detroit are all within a three games of each other. Baltimore faces Toronto for three games then Toronto face Boston for three more so they might be on the outside looking in come next week.

In the National League Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles have wrapped up their respective divisions and it looks like Washington and LA will be facing off in the NLDS. As for the Wild Cards it is a three team race between New York, St. Louis and San Francisco, all three teams are within a game and a half and there is a strong possibility that there might be a tie between at least two of the three teams. If that happens there will be a play-in game it would be crazy with the game on Monday the third since the Wild card games are scheduled for Tuesday October 4 and Wednesday the 5th. This will be an exciting week of Baseball.

Baseball predictions: Mid-season

Well we are about halfway through baseball season and back in April I made some prediction of who would be competing for the respective divisions most are still holding up so far but there have been some surprises in the first half of the season.

I was pretty spot on in the National League,with the only real difference is the wild card teams could be any 5 of the listed teams, although some are thinking that we might not see either team from last year’s World Series in the playoffs at all. I’ve added the Marlins and Cardinals to the possible wild card teams. Sure I not happy that the Giants have been streaking lately and might make it back to the World Series for the fourth time this decade it is an even year. I’m keeping the Mets on here as they are bound to do something before the trade deadline to bolster their pitching staff.

NL East: it’s between the Nationals, the Marlins and the NY Mets.
NL Central: The Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals are all within striking distance of the Cubs
NL West: SF Giants and LA Dodgers

In the American League I haven’t done as well, since the Royals aren’t doing that well and the Indians have a good team for the first time in forever hoping to follow the success of the basketball team from Cleveland. Although I hope for the Baltimore/Washington World Series I don’t see that happening this year as it seems unlikely that they will be in the playoffs.

AL East: Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays or Baltimore Orioles
AL Central: Cleveland Indians
AL West:  Texas Rangers and the Houston Colt .45s, I mean Astros

Many people are still calling for the Cubs in the World Series and even more are saying a Cubs win, it’s been far too long since they won anything.

Baseball Begins

On Sunday the Major League Baseball season began and now there are like 160 or so games left for all teams.  The biggest question we have this year is are the Giants going to win the World Series again since it is an even year and they have won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014. The Cubs are favored to make it to the World Series and many are also saying that the Astros will get to the World Series. If this actually happens it would be amazing, I know that just about everyone would be happy with the Cubs making and winning the World Series, but it is only April and there are still six months left in the season.

Here are my early predictions of who have a chance to make the postseason

NL East: it’s between the NY Mets and the Nationals.
NL Central: Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates seem to be the contenders as last year.
NL West: SF Giants and LA Dodgers, although the Giants era might be coming to an end.

AL East: NY Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays or Orioles?
AL Central: Maybe the KC Royals again and someone else
AL West:  Teams of Texas, Rangers and Astros