Netflix shows

The has been news recently of Netflix cancelling both Iron Fist and Luke Cage there has been some individuals that are worried that Marvel on Netflix is coming to an end others are hoping that we get some sort of Heroes for Hire and/or Daughters of the Dragon shows to replace them with. While this isn’t the most shocking of news Iron Fist wasn’t that great and the second season of Luke Cage dragged in the middle, as is common with many of these Marvel shows on Netflix. So it’s down to Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher these show seems a bit more straight forward as they are more grounded. The other news is that Orange is the New Black is going to end after this upcoming season.  Now having all these show coming to an end really isn’t that big of a deal with Netflix is also ramping up their original content with about $13 Billion spent this year and that number only expected to increase over the years with Disney and like every other major player trying to have their own streaming service. Some of these show have reached a natural conclusion other have been left open-ended. Sure people are going to complain if a show they like comes to an end when they though it wasn’t ready to end, but who knows what is to come in the upcoming years.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

This is some big news as  details about the Jon Favreau live action series have been revealed.  It will be on the Disney Streaming service since everyone is going to have to own several streaming services to exist in the world.  As you can guess from the title it’s about a Mandalorian, hopefully before the series everyone watches/re-watches the Mandalorian arcs in Clone Wars and Rebels. The Mandalorian are a very unique culture and it really hasn’t been explored that much so it is a good place to explore the next big thing is that it will take place three years after Return of the Jedi. It is just one image but it looks pretty cool.

Oscars News

If you want some dumb ideas to make the Oscars more enjoyable take a look at this message from the Academy about these updates. The Hollywood Reporter and many other have posted stories about this and the comments have not been great anywhere.  There will be three important changes

First off the Oscars will only be 3 hours long, no longer will all the awards be televised but it seems like that they will be going the way of the Tony Awards where the minor awards (mostly technical) are boiled down to who won and a boiled down speech from them.

Second the introduction of a new award for Most Popular Film/Best Popular film. Since they expanded the Best Picture nominations back to 10 hoping to get “popular films” to be in the Best Picture race none of the popular films have managed to win. So the big Blockbuster films will finally be getting an award that deems one of those the best. Now what will classify as a ‘popular film’ hasn’t been decided. This would be a sort of renewal of the ‘Most unique and Artistic Picture Award’ and ‘Outstanding Picture ‘ from the very first Academy Awards, with the popular on winning Outstanding. This new award will be added in the 91th Annual Academy Awards.

Third, the 92nd Oscars will be earlier in February the move is intended to make it more exciting as currently the awards are the last given out so there are few surprises to have. This will be the Oscars in 2020.


The first one makes sense it seems that the Oscars just drag on and on, but perhaps if we didn’t have the forced banter and got rid of some of the monologue and other bits that the host whomever they are does year after year that could speed it up as well. Sure, Hollywood want to make it seem relatable to the general public but will this it could turn into the Tony Awards where it is a huge showcase for the musicals and less so the plays. The Oscars has run over three hours for the past 45 years so what’s the problem now we’ve got 3 more awards and we barely show the honorary Oscars besides acknowledging them in their seats. Most people watch it for the awards, In Memoriam, and don’t care about the “silly stuff” inbetween. The other idea I have would be to brand everything on the Red Carpet Show turning that into like one giant commercial and then having fewer commercial breaks during the broadcast of the actual Oscars.

Two the Best Popular film sure if we want to be awarding the mediocrity of the film industry go ahead and get a whole lot more comic book movies and big blockbusters. I would think that it would be great if they went back to 5 nominations for both of these Best Picture awards. Some have pointed out that this will become another Oscar that Disney will pick up every year along with the Animated Feature. Sure, it is great that they are awarding films that people may have seen but they used to do this without needing a special award.

Three: This is the best news that has come out putting the Oscars in the middle of the Award season will make it so that there might actually be some surprises that happen during the Oscars.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 news

The biggest Comic Con has started and there are already some big news and trailers coming out of Comic Con and there are more to come over the weekend. I might update this as it goes but who knows.

I think the biggest so far is the final season of Clone Wars is going to get made this will be what they would have done in the sixth season of the show. It would be a seventh season and would be 12 episodes long and air on the Disney Streaming Service whenever it comes out. Sure that mean that it would seem that Disney is going to make everyone need to get their streaming service.

The other big news is that Comcast had dropped their bid for Fox  so it seems like Disney is going to get it as Disney and 21st Century Fox have agreed in to a $71.3 billion deal that will see Disney take control of the bulk of Fox’s assets, including the 20th Century Fox film and TV studio, FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, and Fox’s 30% stake in Hulu. It seems like Hulu might just become streaming service since they will now on 60% stake in Hulu. This includes the rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men Universe so who knows what or who to expect in Phase 4 or so in the MCU.

There is a trailer for the New Season of Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker. It will be the first season from Chris Chibnall, he wrote some episodes for Doctor Who and Torchwood, but is best know for Broadchurch. It’s the first time that the Doctor is a woman so deal with it.

2018-19 television season upfronts

Last week was that time of year when all the major networks come around and show off their new schedules for the fall of the upcoming year so advertisers can buy ads for the shows. I’ll be doing this by networks and only talking about new shows.

ABC opens the week up Dancing with the Stars Junior, and Alec Baldwin’s talk show is on at 10. The next big change is on Tuesday with a new show, The Kids are Alright, which is sort of like The Real O’Neal’s but in the 70s, later in the evening Nathan Fillion is back on ABC with The Rookie. On Wednesday you’ve got two new show a ensemble comedy about single parents, called Single Parents and a This is Us type show about a group of friends, A Million Little Things. There are several shows coming at mid-season as well so wait awhile for those. I might check out The Kids are Alright and Single Parents at least for a week or two.

CBS starts off the week with God Friended Me, a show about what happens when God send you a friend request on Facebook. Monday is a completely new with two new comedies, The Neighborhood and Happy Together, and a reboot of Magnum P.I. Tuesday Dick Wolf has a new show about the FBI. The next change comes on Thursday when Murphy Brown returns to the network after 20 years. I’ll check out God Friended Me and Murphy Brown for sure and maybe the comedies.

The CW has shows on Sunday for the first time, there is a reboot of Charmed, the Arrow-verse shows go Sunday-Tuesday. Wednesday there is a series inspired by Spencer Paysinger about a kid from South LA recruited to play at Beverley Hills High. Thursday there is another spin-off from The Vampire Diaries.

Fox has a new non animated show on Sunday in Rel,  Fox bought the rights for Thursday night football so that’s most of their fall schedule right there. Then on Friday they brought back Last Man Standing and have a new show about retirement communities, The Cool Kids. I will be checking out Rel, it’s got Sinbad and Lil Rel Howery, the funny guy from Get Out.

NBC has doubled down on dramas along with picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which will be coming at mid-season. The first new show come Monday night with a drama about a missing plane that comes back after 5 year, but it’s only been like five minutes for the folks on the plane in Manifest. Between season of The Voice they have a America’s Got Talent Champions edition where all the winners/notable acts return. On Tuesday it’s a new medical drama New Amsterdam. Wednesdays this winter is a show called the Titan Games, it is hosted by Dwayne Johnson. Thursday there is a new comedy joining the block in I Feel Bad. Of these shows I’ll check out the comedy maybe the medical drama.

More Star Wars and Disney news

Well it was announced yesterday that Rian Johnson is going to be creating an all-new trilogy not focusing on the Skywalker family, according to the press release “Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.” This sound pretty cool and it seems like these could be how the new films after Episode IX comes out in 2019 and the rumored third solo film arrives in 2020. With a new trilogy perhaps will we be getting more Star War Stories as well. This seems great as was the announcement from Disney CEO Bob Iger that “a live-action “Star Wars” TV series to air on its entertainment streaming service that is expected to launch by the end of 2019.” Could this be the previous attempted television series Underworld set between III and IV with some focus on the Boba Fett from the cancelled video game 1313 or something very different. With Rebels set between III and IV, but not really dealing with the underworld and bounty hunters and a solo film rumored to be focusing on Boba Fett would either of these be great things to explore on television as well. This live action series will be on the Disney streaming service which will be ‘substantially’ less than Netflix and the service will be coming out in the second half of 2019. Now if we could also get some word on what Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm Animation is working on after Rebels end.


Blue Planet II

BBC is doing another giant film on the oceans, and it will be released later this year and hopefully by early next year in the US. The trailer for the new series is out and it look amazing.  Sure it has a newish track from Radiohead and Hans Zimmer (ocean) bloom. It is a reworking of Bloom from The King of Limbs which was according to Thom Yorke who says in the Press Release that  “‘Bloom’ was inspired by the original Blue Planet series so it’s great to be able to come full circle with the song.” This is pretty cool. BBC did the original Planet Earth and Blue Planet series which sort of ushered in the HD era and now with their respective sequels they are ushering in the 4K era. It looks like we all will be exploring the depths of the unknown

The Vietnam War

The newest Ken Burn documentary film about The Vietnam War is a deep dive into the Vietnam War the often forgotten war since it was one that America lost. Now, I was born in the middle of the 80s and in school we glossed over it as the focus was World War II since that’s the big War then it would sort of peter out in the 60s with JFK assassination and early LBJ with Civil Rights. So the closest I’ve come to this War was the films and shows that take place in it. The first was the television show The Wonder Years set during the Vietnam War on the home front. As for films it was either Good Morning, Vietnam with Robin Williams as the radio DJ on Armed Forces Radio Service or Operation Dumbo Drop the Disney movie from 1995 about a group of soldiers bringing an elephant to a village inspired by true life events. All of these were comedies-dramas so that about all I knew about it for year. I’ve gone on to the other well known gritty films Platoon, The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now over the the years. It wasn’t until college that I actually did any work with The Vietnam War when in a class on the 1960s where we read A Rumor of War, Phillip Caputo’s memoir on Vietnam.

I’ve been watching The Vietnam War and learning a whole bunch of things that I didn’t know about Vietnam so I’ve decided to reread  A Rumor of War more on that later. This should be a series that everyone needs to takes the time to watch as it explains a lot about how society got to be the way it is today. Burns and Novick tell to story from all sides involved it’s wonderful so far

Fall TV preview 2017

Alright as we begin the Fall Television schedule it is time once again to look at the new shows that will be airing this year. I’m going to do it by network.

Sunday at 10pm is Ten Day in the Valley: it’s a cop show about a lady who writes/works on a cop show dealing with her missing daughter. I will be skipping this one.
Monday at 10pm is The Good Doctor: seems like a cross between House and Rain Man as it’s a young surgeon who is an autistic savant and that’s the basic plot I guess him and everyone dealing with him. Another skip in my book.
Tuesday at 9:30pm is The Mayor: about a young rapper who runs for Mayor of his town as a publicity stunt and gets elected. He’s got different ideas of what need to be down for him town. I will be checking out a couple of these episodes. At 10 pm is Kevin (Probably) Saves the World: in which a slacker (Kevin) is contacted by an Angel and tasked with saving the world. Doubt I will check it out.
Friday at 9pm is Inhumans: from all I’ve heard about it don’t waste any time watching this Marvel series.

Sunday at 9pm is Wisdom of the Crowd: this seems very similar to APB but it adds social networking to make everyone a member of the police. Not the most promising show. This upcoming Sunday at around 8:30pm Star Trek: Discovery debuts. I’ll be watching this first episode.
Monday at 8:30pm is another stinker of a show 9JKL: an out of work actor returns home to New York to live between his parents and his brother and his family. Don’t watch. at 9:30 comes Me, Myself & I: it’s a story about Alex Riley in three parts at age 14, 40 and 65 not sure if the stories will be connected but I will be watching.
Wednesday at 9pm is SEAL Team: Not sure if this will be mostly be set in the field or at home or a combination of both. It might be good but I’m going to have to watch an episode at least.
Thursday once again begins with football for the first half a the fall before turning to sitcoms. When sitcoms return at 8:30pm Young Sheldon: If you like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory you are bound to watch it. At 10pm is SWAT based on the television series from the 70s and the film from 2003 and is about a SWAT team. Most likely I’ll be passing on this one as well.

The CW:
Monday at 9pm is Valor: CW joins the fold with a military drama hurrah?! now there is one on every network
Wednesday at 9pm is Dynasty: the 80s soap is rebooted, didn’t watch the first so why start now.

Sunday at 8:30pm is Ghosted: it is a comedy X-files so I will watch at least a couple episodes.
Monday at 9pm is The Gifted: set in the X-Men universe and I’m a fan of it so I’ll check it out.
Thursday at 9pm is The Orville: Seth MacFarlane’s pseudo-Star Trek show, it’s not that bad but I doubt I will be making time for it.

Monday at 10pm is The Brave: a new CIA/military drama, not my cup of tea.
Tuesday at 10pm is Law and Order True Crime: this is about the Menendez brothers who killed their parents. no thanks.

So what will I be watching out of all shows this is just a possible list as with the new show it could become less.
Sunday: 60 Minutes, Simpsons, Ghosted or Football
Monday: Me, Myself & I or The Gifted
Tuesday: The Middle, The Flash, The Mayor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Wednesday: Maybe Riverdale just to check out Sabrina the Teen-aged Witch is coming
Thursday: The Good Place, Arrow and/or Football


CBS Streaming (Star Trek)

I am sure you all are aware of a new Star Trek show coming out soon. It’s called Star Trek: Discovery and the first episode will be aired on CBS next Sunday after football. However after that they want you to subscribe to their streaming service CBS All Access to watch the rest of the season. The Hollywood Reporter asks the big question Can CBS change the game with the show? This is a bit of a complicated question as there will be no early reviews of the new Star Trek and I’ve heard/read that many people will either wait until the whole thing comes out and get the free trial to watch the show or hope that it get on some other streaming location after the first season airs, as Netflix owns the streaming rights for the rest of the Star Trek shows so hopefully it would land there eventually. Sure with Hulu earning the first Emmy win for Best Drama as “a non-network” streaming service it is a good time to get into the market but perhaps going alone might be a setback for CBS. Although it seems likely that Disney/ABC will have their own successful streaming service in the near future will we eventually have to pay to watch just about anything in the near future and abandon broadcast television, I mean I use it to watch sports, Jeopardy, news, a talk show or two and a maybe a handful of shows some of which are on PBS to begin with. Eventually, I hope that there are only like four streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney) and that’s it. Who really knows what’s going to happen over the next decade with streaming and television in general.