One of the only reason that people come to an about is to learn more about the bloggers, or they clicked on it by accident. While I doubt that there is any real reason why someone need to come here and read what this is all about. Sometimes these can be overly specific or some of the vaguest writing anywhere. Typically here is where we learn a little about the blogger so here it goes: I am a millennial male, as much as I hate the generational moniker I am stuck with it. I am from the great state of Virginia. I have a fondness for movies, religion, theater, history, sports, books, music and other things. At times I might touch upon some of these topics.

Why do this? I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts with the abyss called the internet because someone is bound to read it eventually. Sometime we are unable to understand how things can change our lives. I started on a lark just to reflect on the readings for church on Sunday and put it out for other to look at if they wanted to, with the hope that maybe one day someone I know will stumble upon one of these post.

I’ve got some weekly staples that are posted. On Saturday I have a weekly reflection on the Readings, on Sunday I highlight some of the saints who have feasts during the week, on Tuesday I reflect on a decade of the Rosary, and on Wednesday I do a new round up of news stories where I comment on stories that catch my eye during the week. I have periodic posts about sports typically when the season begin and playoffs begin. There are also some other regular posts like the ones posted after I see a movie or finish reading a book.


More soon…

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