The Fall/ La Chute

During Lent I was reading The Fall (La Chute) by Albert Camus it is considered by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre to be “perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood” of Camus’ works. This is the last complete work of fiction by Camus and was published in 1956. There are bound to be spoilers.

The book itself is sort of like a stream of consciousness but it is the main character talking to the someone so a dramatic monologue. I fond it a bit difficult to get into the book as Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a judge-penitent who spends his time at Mexico City a bar in Amsterdam. The judge has a sort of fall from grace echoing the fall of man. One day while walking through the canals of Amsterdam he hears a woman on a bridge and he passes her then hearing a splash continues on his way. After this Jean-Baptiste ignores it for several years, then on day he is back on the bridge she jumped from and hears laughter but Jean assumes it must be laughter from somewhere else. If finally come to ahead as he is stuck in traffic behind a motorcycle that stalled and is pushed to the limit and starts questioning if he is a good person for not stopping. Since “people have decided to do without generosity in order to practice charity.”

This seems like a theme in the book looking at society and religion and how “God is not needed to create guilt or to punish. Our fellow men suffice, aided by ourselves.” This is the world we live in devoid of God one could argue that we fall every day as Sarte put it “Hell is other people” through our actions and non actions we define who we are. As Jean-Baptiste wishes in the end to do over that time in his life to act and save the girl and therefore saving himself as well.

At least that what I got in my first read through of the book, perhaps in a couple of year in a re-read I’ll get something else out of this book.

2019 NHL Playoffs begin

It started yesterday with half of the games starting and continues today with the others.

In the East we begin in the Atlantic Division with the Tampa Bay Lightning, winners of the Presidents’ Trophy taking on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tampa Bay won all three games during the season, but winning the Presidents’ Trophy isn’t the best indicator of success in the playoffs as in the past decade only 1 team has managed to win both, the Blackhawks in the lockout in 2012-13 season.  In the next game out of the Atlantic it is the Boston Bruins playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Boston took three of the four games during the season, and this is a rematch from last year when the Bruins advanced in seven games, however Toronto has won eight of the previous 15 playoff match ups. Over in the Metropolitan Division we’ve got the Washington Capitals playing the Carolina Hurricanes. Washington took all four games during the season. In the other game we have the New York Islanders facing off against the Pittsburgh Penguins. They split the games during the season. This is the fifth playoff meeting between the two teams with New York winning three of the past four, they last met in 2013 where the Penguins won.

In the West we begin with the Central Division with the Nashville Predators facing the Dallas Stars. Nashville won three of the five games during the season. The other pair is the Winnipeg Jets and St. Louis Blues. The Jets and Blues tied overall during the season 99 points with the Jets winning three of the four games during the season. Out in the Pacific Division we have the Calgary Flames matched up against the Colorado Avalanche. During the regular season the Flames won all three games they played. The other series is San Jose Sharks facing the Las Vegas Knights, this is a rematch from last year where the Knights won in six games. They split the regular season meetings.

It is pretty cool that five of the match ups are for the first time in the playoffs. A lot of people are saying that the Lighting are the team to beat in the East while in the West it could just be about anyone.

First round predictions: Tampa Bay wins and will play Toronto in the second round while the Capitals will take on their old Coach and the NY Islanders. Over in the West Nashville will be playing the Jets and Calgary will see the Sharks in the next round.

NCAA Final Four National Championship game

The College Basketball season is over and boy were the last couple of games exciting on both the men’s and women’s side. We knew we’d see a first time winner on the Men’s side and there was plenty of excitement the tournament. On Saturday we have The University of Virginia get fouled on a three down two with .3 seconds left after leading by about ten, the University of Auburn overcame that and it seemed like they would be going to be Championship game. However, Kyle Guy from UVA hit all three shots on that foul to be up one and go on to win. Sunday in the Women’s Championship game we had a similar moment as Notre Dame was on the line with the chance to tie but missed one of the shots and lost to Baylor by 1. Monday night Texas Tech and UVA played a very close game we got to overtime in the Championship game for the first time since 2008 and the Virginia Cavaliers almost lost it in regulation but took home the trophy. Many are talking about the shock of how they were the first 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed last year and this year they come out and win the National title. It’s pretty cool and all you can say is “Wahoowa”