NBA Season begins 2018-19

Well, it is that time once again for the final sport season to begin. The biggest change from last season is that LeBron James has brought his talents to LA and joined the Lakers. This is a bit strange since it seems like he won’t be making it to the finals for the first time in awhile since to get it to the Finals they will have to get past the Golden State Warriors in the West. Over in the East the field is open to just about anyone. If you want to put money on any team go with the Warriors.

West: It looks like the Warriors are the team to beat and they hope to close out playing in Oakland with a Championship, they are moving across the Bay to San Francisco next season. The Lakers will be better, making it to the playoffs, but not going that far. As for the rest of the West it seems like several other teams that made the playoffs last year will be making it back.

East: Cleveland is going to fail to make the playoffs since the team without LeBron isn’t that great. Many have thought that Toronto will be the one to take over but only time will tell. The rest of the East that made the playoffs last year seem likely to make it again but with over half the teams making it to the playoffs this is a rather easy prediction.

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