2018 College Football season begins

The NCAA college football season officially begins today, sure there were four games played in “week zero” last Saturday.  This week zero is pretty dumb just start off everyone this weekend and get the NFL back to the Sunday of Labor day weekend. Let’s see who Alabama will be playing in the National Championship game again, will it be Clemson again or someone else. The season really kicks off with four match-ups between ranked teams and five neutral site games it will be a big next five days.

Predictions for the Power Five Conferences:

The SEC seems like a two horse race with Alabama and Georgia likely to meet again in the Championship game

The Big 10 seems to be once again dominated by the East, will Michigan, Michigan State or Penn State do anything to stop Ohio State or will the scandal with Meyer run into the season.  They will face Wisconsin in the Conference Championship game.

The Big 12 once again will be Oklahoma’s to lose. Many have pointed to the Oklahoma West Virginia game in November as a possible preview to the Championship.

The Pac !2 seems a bit more difficult to put a finger on as there are five new Head Coaches I’m not sure where it could go. The major site are saying it will be Washington or Stanford playing USC but will Chop Kelly pick up in UCLA where he left off with Oregon?

The ACC is the four horse race with Clemson and Florida State slugging it out in the Atlantic while Miami and Virginia Tech will spar in the Coastal. Tech and FSU are the big game on Monday night and has the most weight for either team.



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