Washington Capitals win Stanley Cup

This is huge news as the long wait is over after 44 years the Capitals get to hoist the Stanley Cup. It took awhile and at times looked like it might take just a little bit longer as Vegas tried to force a game 6. The Golden Knights did have a great inaugural season and picked up a win in the Stanley Cup Finals, besting the St. Louis Blues from 50 years ago. The Capitals clinched every game on the road. It is the first time one of the major four (MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL) sports teams have taken home a Championship since 1992 when the Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI. It is pretty awesome as the Capitals won the title on the same day as the Wizards/Bullets won their title on this day 40 years ago.  It is wonderful that Ovi finally won it all it has been a long 13 years and all those other guys. Congrats guys, wonderful job hope there is more to come.  Jay Beagle become the first individual to win the title in the ECHL, AHL, and NHL. Ovi became the first Russian Captain to take home a title. This year the Cup will be traveling to Australia as well as Denmark for the first times, I think with Nathan Walker and Lars Eller respectively.


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