Time Person of the Year 2017

Time magazine has named The Silence Breakers, the whole #MeToo movement the person of the year. This is a huge thing and talks about more than just the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey of the matter but out into the whole world this is a world wide problem. Now this is all going on while we have Roy Moore trying to be elected in Alabama, while John Conyers (D-MI 13th District) has resigned from Congress and it seems like Al Franken (D-Minn) might also resign because of improprieties.

So I was amazed that The Motion Picture Academy, the folks who give out the Oscars has gone out and set a standards of conduct for all the members. This should make a huge impact in Hollywood which seemed to be run still with a casting couch. Hopefully this movement will promote female directors, producers, writers and actors as equals in Hollywood. I expect to see some more female nominated in this upcoming Oscar slate as I am sure they don’t want to see a hashtag about Oscars being to male. It is nice to see some advances taking place but it’s a shame that it took this long for some of these things to come out, but it is great that we have progressed as a society to talk about these things and listen to the accusers and believe them.