Disney news

It seems like Disney is back in the drivers seat for acquiring Fox’s film and television properties. Now this would be a huge addition as the MCU would have all the Marvel brands back together and so forth. This is a logical move for Disney who is building their own streaming service and Fox has a lot of television content that they could add to a streaming, with Fox they could have shows like The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Futuama, Family Guy, American Dad, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Bob’s Burgers along with the ABC content and everything else that Disney has produced from those Mickey Mouse cartoons to the whole Disney catalogue of animated films. It will have content for years.

Sure this would make a huge media monopoly but it could still run like two studios with kid friendly films coming from Disney and Fox doing more adult pictures. It’s a bit confusing about who owns what and all since both are wide ranging companies. I mean Disney already has bought Marvel and Lucasfilms and no one really complained about that. Also I’m sure that most everyone will be getting whatever the Disney streaming thing is going to be called especially if you have kids, with Netflix looking to self producing content and comedy specials rather than dealing with buying the rights to broadcast someone else’s shows. Within the next decade or so I bet that Netflix will be bought by like CBS or NBC for their own streaming service since Hulu will be majority owned by Disney if they get Fox. However this is just speculation and anything could happen.


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