NBA Season begins

As it turns out professional basketball has started as well sure it seems like we will have the top teams from last year have just gotten better with trades in the off season so I expect the Cleveland Cavs, Golden State Warriors, along with Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs and maybe the Boston Celtics, although after that first game perhaps the Washington Wizards, as the teams that we will be seeing in the finals. Yes, I know that is three teams from the East Cleveland, Boston and Washington and three from the West, but the West is a loaded conference so there are probably more that could make it. There are some who will be pushing for the Lakers to be good again but they will be in the middle better than last year but not making the playoffs. The biggest problems with the NBA right now is that one of the Superteams are going to win yet again but thankfully this is the last year that teams can tank for the best chance at the top draft pick.