The Vietnam War

The newest Ken Burn documentary film about The Vietnam War is a deep dive into the Vietnam War the often forgotten war since it was one that America lost. Now, I was born in the middle of the 80s and in school we glossed over it as the focus was World War II since that’s the big War then it would sort of peter out in the 60s with JFK assassination and early LBJ with Civil Rights. So the closest I’ve come to this War was the films and shows that take place in it. The first was the television show The Wonder Years set during the Vietnam War on the home front. As for films it was either Good Morning, Vietnam with Robin Williams as the radio DJ on Armed Forces Radio Service or Operation Dumbo Drop the Disney movie from 1995 about a group of soldiers bringing an elephant to a village inspired by true life events. All of these were comedies-dramas so that about all I knew about it for year. I’ve gone on to the other well known gritty films Platoon, The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now over the the years. It wasn’t until college that I actually did any work with The Vietnam War when in a class on the 1960s where we read A Rumor of War, Phillip Caputo’s memoir on Vietnam.

I’ve been watching The Vietnam War and learning a whole bunch of things that I didn’t know about Vietnam so I’ve decided to reread  A Rumor of War more on that later. This should be a series that everyone needs to takes the time to watch as it explains a lot about how society got to be the way it is today. Burns and Novick tell to story from all sides involved it’s wonderful so far

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