2017 College Football predictions

Well the season started last Saturday with a “Week Zero” of games consisting of Hawaii traveling across the country and beating UMass, the biggest game of this week was Stanford tearing apart Rice in Sydney, Australia in a “Sydney Cup” game if this is going to continue I haven’t a clue. This upcoming weekend is the official kickoff of the season will Alabama once again make it to the Championship game or can someone else make it instead. Today Ohio State is the first real big team to begin their season. There are several other big games this weekend they are Alabama/FSU, Michigan/Florida, NC State/South Carolina, BYU/LSU, Virginia Tech/West Virginia and Tennessee/Georgia Tech these are all neutral site games and they look like big ones.

Most people are saying that the Playoff teams are already in the top 10 and it is widely speculated that some of the same teams will make it once again this year. If I had to fill out a bracket I’d pen in Alabama for sure although it seems like the odds are against Bama from a National Championship this year and I’d pencil in Ohio State along with Florida State/Clemson the biggest question is the other team in this quartet. SEC, Big 10 and ACC are represented but will it be the Big 12 or Pac 12 joining this year?  The Big 12 now have a Championship game so there are better odds of them getting a team into the playoff discussion.

The SEC will be won by Alabama who will likely face Florida, Georgia or Tennessee in the SEC Championship game. I’ve got three teams from the East since who can tell from last year how this upcoming year will be everyone was big on Tennessee last year but they were hit with injuries and still played a decent season. Will Florida have an offense and is Georgia that good are still questions that need to be answered.

In the Big Ten experts are saying it’s a four team race with Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan leading the way. Wisconsin only has to play Michigan this year so they have the best odds to make it to the Big Ten Championship game against one of the others.

In the Big 12 it boils down to Bedlam whoever wins that game will most likely will the Big 12 Championship. However when Tom Herman, who takes over in Austin has done good things after taking over a team. So perhaps Texas could be in the mix.

The ACC will once again feature the rematch of Clemson and Florida State and the long awaited Virginia Tech and Miami rivalry means something once again. These two game will decide who plays in the ACC Championship game.

In the Pac 12 it seems everyone is all in on USC to do big things some even have them going all the way to the National Championship game and winning it. The other team the make the Pac-12 Championship game has to be Washington or Stanford.

No huge shockers as the previous couple of year these seem to be safe choices. However the SEC, Big Ten, ACC and either Big 12 but more likely Pac-12 will be the final four teams.