Star Trek: Discovery

This is a complex issue as currently Star Trek is focused on the past and it would be great if they could do something different I mean why not a Voyager or Deep Space Nine movie or a show set in the future of the universe.  Sure the show/movies are all set in the future but could we go back to the joy and adventure of the original. Syfy has an article about this exact issue. This is especially true with the upcoming series, Discovery, which is only set a decade before the Original Series and the film series is in the Kelvin Timeline rehashing stories from the Original Series. There is going to be another film in the “rebooted” timeline with Kirk and his crew hopefully tying the timelines back together would be a helpful idea.  I grew up at a time when there was two Star Trek shows on television and they were still making movies on a regular basis so while it’s great to see it once again “on television” (the first episode supposedly is going to air on CBS and then the rest will be only on CBS streaming)  and in the movie theaters perhaps we need to explore some other time. We have been focused on the beginning of Starfleet for the past 16 or so year with Enterprise, the “reboot” films and now this new show. Hopefully the show gets people to watch and more seasons be made.


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