The Transfiguration

The fourth decade of the luminous mysteries is the Transformation. If you remember this was the Gospel reading this past Sunday. Now the story is in all the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36) and is referenced in the second letter of Peter (2 Peter 1:16–18). Jesus took Peter and “The Sons of Thunder” James and John up to a mountain where Jesus turned radiant and there appeared Moses and Elijah who conversed with Jesus. The fruit of this mystery is a Desire for holiness. At the Transfiguration Peter wanted to build tents for Moses/Elijah/Jesus but you can’t stay up on top of the mountain in your mountaintop experience. We need to go out for there and hope to one day glimpse the pureness of holiness when we need it.  Even Jesus told Peter, James and John not to tell anyone of what had happened before the Son of Man had risen. All to often the faithful dwell in the mountain top and look down on those who have sinned or live a different lifestyle than they approve of, look at all the talk about Fr. James Martin’s new book about building a bridge between the LGBT community and the church. As Jesus say let whomever is without sin cast the first stone.


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