CRISPR, an update

This is pretty cool news as scientist in the United States have used CRISPR on a human embryo for the first time in the US. This is huge news and it’s not like designer babies are on the way. Well CRISPR is a gene editing thing it is sort of like a pair of scissors that go in and cuts a specific bad gene out and allows the other to replace it since we have a matching pair from both parents. CRISPR doesn’t actually edit or modify anything but only to correct what is wrong with existing genes. If these trials continue to yield positive results maybe eventually down the road we’d get closer to eliminating some of the bad genetic mutations that aren’t the greatest things around. Sure this is a huge eugenics issue and hopefully it won’t go all the way to the designer babies like in the film Gattaca but CRISPR can be a valuable tool for the future.


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