Olympics news

To begin NBC has began broadcasting their version of the Olympic Channel which will focus on the Olympics sports that you only see every four year. They’ve begun with showing the FINA Aquatics¬† championships in July and who knows what else they will be showing. This is something that I thought would make real sense for all the World Championships to be available for the average viewer to watch so we can have some vague idea of how some sports work. Could we have the Youth Olympics or the actual Olympics being broadcast in 2018 live on this channel as well? That would be a huge thing if it does happen. The other big news is that we’ve got hosts for the Summer Olympics in 2020, 24 and 28. After the games in Tokyo in 2020 they will travel to Paris in 2024 (100 year after they last hosted) and finally to LA in 2028. These will be the third time that Paris and LA will host the games joining London as three time hosts.