Baking in Space?!

Alright when I first saw this I was intrigued, baking and space don’t seem like they would mix. However if bread, real bread not just tortillas can be made in Space. that would be the biggest thing since sliced bread. According to the article the real bread has been banned from space travel since Gemini 3 when Gus Grissom and John Young ate a corned beef sandwich which young had smuggled on to the flight. Taking bites of the sandwich there were a bunch of crumbs which wrecked havoc with electronics. Grissom and Young were reprimanded when they landed and the closest thing to bread to fly since have been tortillas. The first step is going to be bringing pre-baked bread into space to see if bread might have a different structure if baked in space, no one really know much about this. It seems like they will be using two different types of oven to make the bread during this experimental phase, but bringing a standard oven won’t work in space as the ISS oven would have to work on only 250 watts, so it would be something akin to like an old school Easy-Bake oven which worked with a 100 watt light bulb. The other oven they are talking about using is a vacuum oven where the pressure in the oven is lowered so that things can be cooked at a lower temperature. Perhaps it would be a combination of the two.  This mission won’t be happening until April 2018 so there is a bunch of time between now and then.  It sounds really cool and could lead to some interesting development not only in space but on earth as well.


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