71st Tony Awards recap

First off it’s great that theater gets a night of the year but it would be great if like the local theater awards were televised as you are more likely to see something near you and like PBS could air them. Yes it’s great that NYC gets the top billing and is broadcast on national television so we get a glimpse of what new is happening on Broadway. Secondly, I think I’ve got to see Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin movie Beyond the Sea since who knew Spacey could sing.

This year was sort of like last year with one show winning most of the musical awards this year it was Pasek and Paul’s Dear Evan Hansen. Pasek and Paul are halfway to an EGOT now having also won the Oscar earlier this year. With what looks like a sure bet for a Grammy in the fall the only thing that is up in the air is an Emmy. Only time will tell. I for one would like it if we can get a year when more than one show can win. Evan Hansen is a story of high school, teen life, social media, mental disorder and suicide so it doesn’t interest me all that much perhaps a song or two were good. I didn’t think this was the strongest show of the season but you don’t have to like every Best musical winner. So Evan Hansen took home six awards the top ones musical, book, score, orchestration, Ben Platt, and featured actress. Great Comet took home two of the three design awards (lighting/scenic). Hello Dolly took home three (revival/Bette Midler/costumes), Come From Away took home best director and Bandstand took home one for Choreography. Hopefully, Tim Minchin and Dave Malloy have several more opportunities to take home an award in the coming years.


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