World News

As the US seems content to delve into every word Former FBI Director Comey made during his hearing yesterday in Washington DC. However there are a couple of interesting stories in the world that seem more important. First off over in the United Kingdom they held their Parliamentary elections which has set up a hung parliament. It looks like some type of coalition government is going to happen and perhaps we will see Theresa May step down or not. This is a more intriguing news item.

The other big story is that Japan has passed a one-off bill that will allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate. Last year he addressed the people of Japan saying that he was beginning to feel the constraints of his age which were making it hard for him to do his duties. Rumors have been that this might happen 31 December 2018 or 1 January 2019. This will be a huge event and hopefully CNN and every one of those news networks go to cover it if and when it happen as Naruhito become Emperor. Sure the last time this happened was almost 30 years ago and I was not as interested in Japan back then.


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