Is the film and television industry out of ideas?

This seems like it is the growing trend now across film and television of the revivals, remakes and quels (pre- and post-) of all types. As MarketWatch reports that of the top 15 films from the 80s only three haven’t been revived in some way (Toostie, ET and Rain Man). Sure, we’ve seen some television shows make their way to the big screen with limited success and other the opposite way. However this trend seems to be continuing, look at Disney’s upcoming slate of films most of which is live action version of already animated films. Now live action version of animated things are the way things are going currently. We’ve heard of live action adaptations of AKIRA for ages now and nothing really has been done yet disturbing news has come out that Cowboy Bebop the much adored anime series is going to be getting a live action version. Much like Akira over the years there have been rumors of a Hollywood adaptation of some sorts be it a film or series but nothing has come for this as well. Sure adapting film or remaking films is a whole lot easier than coming up with new ideas since there is already a built in audience.

Now is the a good thing or a bad thing is something that can be put up for debate as sure we like it when people come back to stories and characters we know and put their own spin on it, look at Shakespeare and stage in general everything no two performances let alone productions are alike. Most recently Hollywood has made some horrible attempts to revive properties specifically in Baywatch and Ghostbusters. However there are others which have worked real well the MTS3K revival on Netflix feels like the old show and we’ve just missed a couple of seasons. While I would like new movies to come out it seems like everything Hollywood is working on is a part of a connected universe based on the success that Marvel has had.


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