Is Rotten Tomatoes ruining the film industry?

Quartz has a brilliant article out about how the Film industry are blaming Rotten Tomatoes for killing bad films. Now I am positive that Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the only thing that is killing the movie industry, sure it may play a role but with the high cost of movie tickets and so many options available for people to watch/stream/binge perhaps Hollywood needs to start making better movies to begin with. Critics often pan movies that the average joes love. This is a valid point but even going to imdb to check out how others think the movie or metacritic and the reviews aren’t much better.  Look at the top films of the year it is loaded with sequels, remakes, and franchises all things that people are comfortable with. As the article points out ” Risk-averse Hollywood has been relying too heavily on existing intellectual properties from TV, film, comic books, and literature—and viewers are growing weary of it.” Worst of all often times it seems that nothing really happens in the film and the characters are the same at the beginning and the end.  Maybe Hollywood should start making fewer movie and spend more time on them to make them better. Look at what Netflix or HBO, AMC, FX, even USA have done as they are all producing shows that people really like and are talking about from House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul to Fargo and Mr. Robot most of these show seem worlds better than what Hollywood has been offering over he past decade or so. I make about two or three trips to the movie theaters a year and go to see what I want no matter what critics say.


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