Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So it took about a month but I finally finished the game. It’s a brilliant game and it is very deep, as there is a lot of things to do in the game. My first playthrough of the game and I came across a little over half of the 120 shrines and sure I will be playing it again and I’m looking forward to the DLC that is coming this summer and winter.  It was a fun story and although I wasn’t such a big fan of some of the new aspects at first I grew to like them, like how weapons could break and the Blood Moon revived slain enemies. If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda games this is a must pick up however perhaps not yet since there really isn’t much else out on the Switch currently. Sure it’s on the Wii U and it you own that go ahead and buy it now for the Wii U, but if you are waiting to pick up a Switch soon perhaps wait until the summer.  Now, I’ve played all the main home console title games but Skyward Sword, however I have never heard good things about Skyward Sword so I really don’t want to play it. If this open world version of Zelda is what the games of the future are going to look like I think it will be a fun time. Now if Nintendo could confirm where and what timeline the game takes place in.


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