NBA and NHL Finals

Well it seem like it is just about set  for a rematch of last year finals LeBron James and company in Cleveland will face off against Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and crew in San Francisco. Who will win this rematch is the big question but it seem like Golden State has the advantage as they have run the table so far this post season, becoming the first team to go 12-0 in NBA playoff history.

Over in hockey land we are in a holding pattern as the Senators have taken the Penguins to game 7 in the Eastern Conference Championship. So either one of these teams will have to face Nashville. Ottawa and Pittsburgh have been fairly evenly matched during this series. I am hoping that Canada will be represented in the Finals as it would provide the opportunity for a new team to win the Stanley Cup. This is the first time Nashville has made it to the Stanley Cup finals.  Pittsburgh has won enough Cups for a while I mean they won last year and who even remembers that series. Yet it seems like Nashville will provide a challenge for either team that makes it to the finals.


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