Fall televison preview

This past week was Upfronts where television networks go in front of all the ad people and tell them what they will be airing next television year. The ad people will buy based on ratings from this year for all the old shows and like place bids on newer shows.

Sunday: I don’t watch network stuff on Sunday to begin with with football and all that other stuff on in the afternoon. However I might check out Ghosted on FOX it’s like a comedy version of x-files along with the Simpsons.

Monday: CBS starts with a night of comedy Big Bang (to begin the season) along with newcomers 9JKL and Me, Myself and I. Out of these two the later seems like a better show from the trailer they showed.

Tuesday: This is going to be my problem night as there are three shows that I want to watch at the same time as The Mayor, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place. Although it seems like B99 might get split up like it has been with the final season of New Girl, and Good Place is another 13 episode season

Wednesday: Looks like a night to skip television. However perhaps The CW’s take on Dynasty will be decent.

Thursday: After CBS’s football schedule ends they will offer a spin off of The Big Bang Theory all about Sheldon when he was young (this doesn’t look like something I would watch). NBC is hoping Will and Grace can restart Must See TV. Fox has a Star Trek parody show from Seth McFarland The Orville, I will at least give it a couple of episodes

Friday: ABC reshuffled it’s lineup moving both hour long fantasy shows, Once upon a time and the Marvel show (Inhumans for 8 episodes and Agents of SHIELD) to Friday will this move really make a difference as most people tape them and watch it later to begin with. CW moved Jane from Monday to Friday

Saturday: It is funny how Saturday have become the bastion of reruns, crime shows and college football as there is nothing on besides these two things.

What I missed aboveĀ  there are the musicals happening at some point in time along with the following

ABC: also revived Roseanne and American Idol perhaps they will come in January
CBS: Added a bunch of dramas but there are still a couple of comedies in case something flops out of the gate.
CW: Black Lightning looks interesting and it is hopefully a refreshing take on a superhero show.
FOX: The X-Files is coming back for season 11 with 10 episodes, there is also an X-Men show called Gifted.
NBC: There are a bunch of comedies that were ordered but aren’t coming until after the Winter Olympics next year I guess.