Conference Championships

In both the NBA and NHL they have reached the final round. In Hockey they have started the Conference Championship round. This year we have a new comer in the Nashville Predators as this is the first time they have advanced this far. Out in the West it’s Nashville and the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks. It would be cool to see Nashville win and get to their first Cup final but it seems like it is an evenly matched series so far. In the East we have the Penguins against the world, as it seems like basically everyone wants the Penguins to lose except for those Penguin fans they are playing against the only Canadian team left in the Ottawa Senators. It would be great if the Senators and Predators made it as both team would be going for their first Stanley Cup title.

In the NBA they are also in the final round or almost there as there is a single game 7 to be played tonight where it seems like the Boston Celtics will beat the Washington Wizards as the home teams have won all the games in this series. Whoever win will get the pleasure of playing LeBron James who has the chance of becoming the first individual since the Celtics in the 60s with 7 NBA finals inĀ  row. Whatever happens this upcoming series is bound to be interesting. In the West it’s the Golden State Warriors yet again this time playing the San Antonio Spurs. It seems like we are being set up for a rematch in the final. I’m pulling for John Wall, Bradley Beal and company in Washington to pull off a win tonight in Boston and then take on Cleveland, since I would find those games more interesting to watch then Boston