Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So it took about a month but I finally finished the game. It’s a brilliant game and it is very deep, as there is a lot of things to do in the game. My first playthrough of the game and I came across a little over half of the 120 shrines and sure I will be playing it again and I’m looking forward to the DLC that is coming this summer and winter.  It was a fun story and although I wasn’t such a big fan of some of the new aspects at first I grew to like them, like how weapons could break and the Blood Moon revived slain enemies. If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda games this is a must pick up however perhaps not yet since there really isn’t much else out on the Switch currently. Sure it’s on the Wii U and it you own that go ahead and buy it now for the Wii U, but if you are waiting to pick up a Switch soon perhaps wait until the summer.  Now, I’ve played all the main home console title games but Skyward Sword, however I have never heard good things about Skyward Sword so I really don’t want to play it. If this open world version of Zelda is what the games of the future are going to look like I think it will be a fun time. Now if Nintendo could confirm where and what timeline the game takes place in.


Gloriosae Dominae and Bis Saeculari

“The Golden Bull” Gloriosae Dominae is an Apostolic Letter from Pope Benedict XIV way back in 1748. In Gloriosae Dominae, Benedict called Mary the Queen of Heaven and Earth and says that the sovereign King has in some way communicated to her his ruling power. It also honors the Sodality of Our Lady, this is like a confraternity sort of. the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary was formed in 1563 for school boys by a Jesuit at the Roman College. According to a Jesuit historian the young men from the college agreed to daily mass, weekly confession, monthly Communion, as well as to a half-hour of meditation each day and to some other pious exercises. They would also “serve the poor” and their patron was Mary. Later on Pope Sixtus V allowed non students to join in as well. Simply put it was a Marian society. Gloriosae Dominae is called the Golden Bull since Benedict used gold instead of the normal lead to seal the document in honor of Mary.

Bis Saeculari is an Apostolic Constitution from Pope Pius XII was issued for the 200th anniversary of “The Golden Bull” from Pope Benedict XIV. This was later quoted by Pius XII in Ad Caeli Reginam, which we will get to later. In Bis Saeculari, Pius praises the work of the Sodality and says that by propagating, spreading and defending Catholic doctrine they must be considered among the most powerful spiritual force in the world. Pius also calls for a revival of Marian congregations especially in the post war years. Many saints have been members of Marian congregations and we should follow their examples.

This is a nice way to end this Month of Mary

Memorial/Decoration Day

ABC has a great article up about the meaning of Memorial Day, for many Americans it marks the beginning of the Summer with a cookout but that is not what the Day is intended to be. The Day began in earnest after the Civil War although there were local Decoration Days where people went and decorated soldiers’ graves with flowers. In 1882, the name what changed to Memorial Day it until 1968 it was on May 30th. In 1968 it moved to the last Monday in May. This has caused some issues for servicemen and women who believe that changing the date has undermined the very meaning of the day and caused it to be looked at by the general public lack of real observance of the day. This is a day to remember those who have died in service of our nation.

Last year we looked at Longfellow’s poem that remembered the day, this time around it Charles Ives. Ives was a modernist composer who I’ve never heard of before but in his four movement symphony A Symphony: New England Holidays the second movement is Decoration Day.

Bye, Bye Birdie pushed back a year

Well it turns out that there will not be two musical on NBC this next television season as Jennifer Lopez is doing to many things (Vegas residence,  her tv shows,Shades of Blue and World of Dance) and the schedules do not alloy for any time for really anything else. The one thing that we can hope for is that the added time makes it better somehow, especially with the reworked book. At least Jesus Christ Superstar at Easter is going to happen, this is a relatively low key musical look at what Norman Jewison did in the film version. Hopefully, they get some singer/actors who aren’t huge names for this and there is only one female part in the whole thing.

40 years of Star Wars

It has been officially 40 years since Star War, subsequently named, A New Hope and all the follows. I’ve been a fan of this film series for as long as I have been alive it seems. I don’t remember when I first watched it but me and my sisters would routinely watch a film, often Return of the Jedi, of the trilogy, while our parents went out for the evening. So much has come from this one film seven other feature films, those Ewok movies, a great cartoon series, as well as a horrible Holiday Special all set in the Star Wars Universe and then there is the space comedy Spaceballs, and the rumors of a Spaceballs sequel and even the Star Trek movies have a debt to pay to Star Wars.

Take some time this upcoming weekend and watch some Star Wars or even read some if that’s more your pace. I for one still have to get Rogue One before any marathon happens.

NBA and NHL Finals

Well it seem like it is just about set  for a rematch of last year finals LeBron James and company in Cleveland will face off against Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and crew in San Francisco. Who will win this rematch is the big question but it seem like Golden State has the advantage as they have run the table so far this post season, becoming the first team to go 12-0 in NBA playoff history.

Over in hockey land we are in a holding pattern as the Senators have taken the Penguins to game 7 in the Eastern Conference Championship. So either one of these teams will have to face Nashville. Ottawa and Pittsburgh have been fairly evenly matched during this series. I am hoping that Canada will be represented in the Finals as it would provide the opportunity for a new team to win the Stanley Cup. This is the first time Nashville has made it to the Stanley Cup finals.  Pittsburgh has won enough Cups for a while I mean they won last year and who even remembers that series. Yet it seems like Nashville will provide a challenge for either team that makes it to the finals.

Silence (2016)

Silence is the Martin Scorsese film based on the Shusaku Endo book of the same name. I have previously written about the book and it bring out some big questions. Spoilers to follow. So I was looking forward to seeing a film adaptation of the novel. According to Wikipedia this film is the third in Scorsese’s trilogy of film epics about religious figures struggling with challenges to faith with Last Temptation of Christ and Kundun. Scorsese has said that the film is about “the necessity of belief fighting the voice of experience”.

The film follows the plot of the book but adds parts of the appendix to tell the whole story of Father Rodrigues.  We begin the film with news coming in about Father Ferreira (Liam Nesson) being lost, rumor has it he has apostatized. Fathers Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Garupe (Adam Driver) are tasked with finding out if there is any truth to these rumors. Rodrigues and Garupe set off from China with Kichijuro (Yōsuke Kubozuka) a drunken Japanese fisherman. They arrive in Japan and the Padres minister to the Christians hearing confessions and celebrating all the other sacraments as well. This is the story of the hidden Christians of Japan. Eventually, the Padres are separated and both captured and forced to refute their beliefs and step on an image of Christ “Fumi-e”. The story is Father Rodrigues as we follow him as the Inquisitor tries to get him to deny his faith and using the other Christians that they captured and pawns to get him to refute as they would be set free if and when Rodrigues refutes his faith.

This would be a great film to watch during Lent or if you have some passing interest in Japanese history or religion. Sure people have compared it with The Mission but it’s a completely different story told a world away. This is a book that is a great read so if you watch the film maybe take some time and read the book as well.

Auspicia Quaedam

Auspicia Quaedam is one of the Encyclicals from Pope Pius XII. The focus is public prayer for world peace as well as a solution of the problem of Palestine. It was written back in 1948, so World Peace was still something that people cared about not wanting to have another World War. Sure this was during the Cold War but according to the Pope a vast community of nations are turning towards the path of peace. Pius says that we need to first turn to God in prayer then as in previous Encyclicals turn to Mary asking for “mutual, fraternal and complete peace among all nations and the longed for harmony among all social classes.”  Pius consecrated the world ti the Immaculate Heart of Mary following the lead of Leo XIII, who consecrated the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pius points out some significant things that we should pray for

“Let there be an end to dissensions that redound to no one’s advantage.
Let there be a reconciliation of disputes that often sow the seeds of further misfortunes.
Let international relations, public and private, be fittingly strengthened.
Let religion, the foster mother of all virtues, enjoy the liberty to which she is entitled.
And let men set about their peaceful work of abundant production for the common welfare – with justice their guide and charity their motive.”

The second part of the Encyclical is a bit funny as we are still dealing with the “problem of Palestine” today we are still dealing with the problems but it’s a bit more complicated now and this was before Israel became a Nation so it the the Palestine Region that Pius is talk about. However, Pius is more concerned about the Holy Sites and that they become safe places.

So pray to Mary especially if you are a child  and let us take up the prayers for World Peace as it seems like we are always on the brink of War nowadays.

Fall televison preview

This past week was Upfronts where television networks go in front of all the ad people and tell them what they will be airing next television year. The ad people will buy based on ratings from this year for all the old shows and like place bids on newer shows.

Sunday: I don’t watch network stuff on Sunday to begin with with football and all that other stuff on in the afternoon. However I might check out Ghosted on FOX it’s like a comedy version of x-files along with the Simpsons.

Monday: CBS starts with a night of comedy Big Bang (to begin the season) along with newcomers 9JKL and Me, Myself and I. Out of these two the later seems like a better show from the trailer they showed.

Tuesday: This is going to be my problem night as there are three shows that I want to watch at the same time as The Mayor, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place. Although it seems like B99 might get split up like it has been with the final season of New Girl, and Good Place is another 13 episode season

Wednesday: Looks like a night to skip television. However perhaps The CW’s take on Dynasty will be decent.

Thursday: After CBS’s football schedule ends they will offer a spin off of The Big Bang Theory all about Sheldon when he was young (this doesn’t look like something I would watch). NBC is hoping Will and Grace can restart Must See TV. Fox has a Star Trek parody show from Seth McFarland The Orville, I will at least give it a couple of episodes

Friday: ABC reshuffled it’s lineup moving both hour long fantasy shows, Once upon a time and the Marvel show (Inhumans for 8 episodes and Agents of SHIELD) to Friday will this move really make a difference as most people tape them and watch it later to begin with. CW moved Jane from Monday to Friday

Saturday: It is funny how Saturday have become the bastion of reruns, crime shows and college football as there is nothing on besides these two things.

What I missed above  there are the musicals happening at some point in time along with the following

ABC: also revived Roseanne and American Idol perhaps they will come in January
CBS: Added a bunch of dramas but there are still a couple of comedies in case something flops out of the gate.
CW: Black Lightning looks interesting and it is hopefully a refreshing take on a superhero show.
FOX: The X-Files is coming back for season 11 with 10 episodes, there is also an X-Men show called Gifted.
NBC: There are a bunch of comedies that were ordered but aren’t coming until after the Winter Olympics next year I guess.

Strange musical news

So with the success of NBC musical Live! they have two in the works currently with Bye Bye Birdie coming out this December/Holiday season and they have announced that they are going to have Jesus Christ Superstar next Easter. Fox has also been pretty successful with their Grease: Live will be doing two as well with A Christmas Story, based on the movie around Christmas time and they are also going to be doing RENT this seems like something FOX would be able to do as the network skews younger. Not to be left out ABC is putting it’s hat in the ring with one of their own. ABC announced that it will air The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!, a two-hour special is set to premiere Oct. 3, and is based  on the 1989 animated Disney film, blended with live musical performances. How this is going to be in anyone’s guess but it sounds like perhaps like a concert version of the musical. Hopefully there is some time between all these Live musical events. CBS is now the only major network without a live musical scheduled, perhaps next year.

All these TV musicals isn’t the strangest news that I read recently about musical  but that there is going to be a King Kong musical which is coming to Broadway. It sounds like a difficult musical as you need a gigantic ape to show up at some time, The show which opened in Australia way back in 2013 had groups of on-stage and off-stage puppeteers work to manipulate the large-scale Ape puppet. It sounds interesting as Jason Robert Brown is working on it but the selling point is the puppet/animatronic/marionette Kong.