Psych movie and Arrested Development season 5

While Browsing on Reddit yesterday I ran across an article that a Psych movie is going to be filming this Summer. I was a big fan of television series in which a psychic detective works as a consultant on cases, however the thing is Psychic detective, Shawn Spencer isn’t really a psychic. Shawn and his best friend Gus team up and help the police solve cases. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend it since it is a comedic detective show.  It would be great if they followed in the footsteps of like Colombo which you could basically classify as a TV movie series with several movies set in the Psych universe over the next dozen or so years with the cast aging in real life.

The other thing I read was about Arrested Development that show about the Bluth family. According to Ron Howard they are working to get peoples schedules to work together. However Buster Bluth himself Tony Hale has said that hopefully they will be filming this upcoming summer. When ever this happens let’s hope that they have everyone at the same time so the show can be more like seasons 1-3.


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