Bill Nye Saves the World

Netflix has recently added a new show with Bill Nye. It’s a talk show that has a base in science in general it came out just in time for Earth Day. It sort of like Star Talk I guess but more focused on a single topic like the old Bill Nye, the Science Guy show. It takes a look at topics ranging from Climate Change and alternative medicine to sex and GMOs. Now this show has gotten some bad reviews as people are saying that it is uninformative, dumbed down, glosses over topics, political and not sure who the key demographic is.

Yet, this is what people in America need, most of us aren’t that scientifically literate to understand a lot of things. I mean look at the numbers of climate change deniers out there. Not to mention the current head of the EPA and President aren’t big fan of science. Science needs to be an aspect of all of our lives and we should understand it. Sure the simplicity of Bill Nye might be not what some people need but it gets some basic ideas out to people about the world and how science is all around us. If the show gets a second season perhaps the kinks will be worked out and it will be a better show which will help bring more science to the masses. More science would be great like that commercial with Millie Dresselhaus, It would be wonderful if we could name more than a handful of living scientist (Hawkings, Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson).