Stanley Cup 2017: Round 2

The NHL playoffs are happening and going pretty quick but lasting very long. In the opening round half of the matchups went 6 games and none had to go to a Game 7, however there were 18 overtime game in this single round of the playoffs. So we are now on to Round 2, starting on Wednesday/Thursday. Of the five Canadian teams that were in the playoffs two have advanced to this round one in the East and one in the West. So there is a small chance that there could be an all Canada Stanley Cup final, however unlikely that seems to be.

Over in the West we’ve got the St. Louis Blues facing off against the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Ducks squaring off against the Edmonton Oilers. The Predators are on a hot streak after shocking the world by sweeping the top seeded Chicago Blackhawks, this was the first time that an 8 seed swept a 1-seed. It should be an exciting series to watch. Out on the West Coast Anaheim is coming off a sweep but Edmonton is hoping to regain the glories of the 80s. Nashville and Edmonton both won the season series against their respective teams and that last time Edmonton faced Anaheim in the playoffs the Oilers advanced.

In the East there is the most hyped series which is the two best teams in hockey facing off and they happen to be bitter rivals. The Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins are playing a rematch from last year’s second round and hopefully the results are different this time around. During the season they split the four games between them so it will be a tough one. The other game between the NY Rangers and the Ottawa Senators this could be a great matchup but who really knows. Since it seems like it will be the Caps or Pens playing the Rangers for the Eastern Conference title in the next round.