March Madness: Final Four

It’s finally gotten to this point of the season three games left and so much rests on these two days. Gonzaga, North Carolina, South Carolina and Oregon are the teams that are left and we begin the weekend with two cross country match ups with Gonzaga taking on South Carolina and UNC up against Oregon. This could lead to either a Battle of the Carolinas or the Pacific northwest or another cross country fistfight. Now these are a couple of upstart teams this year Gonzaga is the perhaps the closest thing we have to a “cinderella” this year being from the West Coast Conference, but Gonzaga was the top team in the nation earlier this year. South Carolina is the lowest seed team left and the last time Oregon got this far was in 1939. North Carolina is by far the team with the most pedigree and they were in the Championship game last year so they seem like shoo-ins to win it all this year. It would be the first national Championship for either Gonzaga and South Carolina, Oregon would take home their second title after the original on way back in 1939 and for UNC it would be number six.  Most people have Gonzaga facing UNC in the Championship game on Monday night. I’d be happy with any results but it would be cool to see a mid major team like Gonzaga cutting down the nets.


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