Pope Francis on Married Priest

This is an interesting article that I found on Crux. It talks about an interview Francis had with a German newspaper in which the topic of married priests came up Pope Francis expressed that it could be a possibility in the future. At the same time Francis emphasized that changing clerical celibacy to optional was out of the question. This is a clever idea and it brings a idea from the Orthodox church and perhaps early Christianity in general. In the orthodox Church that married men can only become priests if they are in their first marriage, not remarry and continue the ministry after his wife die. The Catholic Church has allowed some married priest who have converted notably those in the Personal Ordinates in the US/UK and Austrailia. It seems like a logical next step as deacons already read the gospel and in some churches ever preach on Sunday. So by allowing married deacons to become Priest could be a way to ebb the shortage of Priests. Sure this discussion on the priesthood should note that a female priesthood will never become a thing in the Catholic Church, I think that perhaps some sort of Deaconess role might be worth investigating. However, this isn’t likely going to happen soon.  The next Synod will focus on the youth, faith and vocational discernment and should offer some interesting perspective, yet this won’t be until October 2018.


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