Power Rangers

To be completely honest I’ve been a fan of this show since it came on, I watched it the first five iterations (MMPR to Lost Galaxy) and tuned in the Forever Red during Wild Force, but basically i didn’t watch it in high school, then in college Disney had the show and aired it at a great time so I watched the new series Ninja Storm-RPM and caught up on the older series I missed. When the show moved over to Nickelodeon I watched the first one Samurai but Megaforce and Dino Charge are a bit out there and never got sucked into these season. So with the new movie along with the new season Ninja Steel, and the comic book series It seems like a great time to be a fan of Power Rangers. However this news make it even more fun although it seems unlikely but remember that gritty violent Power/Rangers video from a couple of year ago, well it’s producer has said that he is working on an ‘R-rated’ Power Rangers. It sounds something like Akibaranger, the Unoffical Sentai series that was developed for adult who were fans of Super Sentai as children. This series was a parody of Super Sentai shows but the adult take on Power Rangers is something that seems reasonable. A couple of friends and I worked on a comic book version of this idea, Stronghold, it went through many iterations and never really did much but it was a unique idea and we all liked it.  So if Netflix would want to do some crazy adult version of Super Sentai, I would watch it and am sure that several others would as well.  Netflix already has a bunch of the older seasons that you can watch so there is that audience already there.


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