Political Roundup

In honor of the upcoming holiday we turn to Politics before this weekend. First up there is some great news out of California where there is a great idea in the state legislature about making election day a holiday so more people would be able to get to the polls and vote. It a real simple idea and with the amount of absentee and other early voting options available it seems reasonable thing for states to do to improve the quality of elected officials. This however really needs to be adopted on the National level as currently voter turnout in Presidential years is a little over 50% and that goes down for the mid-term and off year elections.

The other is a in case you missed it the great Shepard Smith from Fox News, the best part of the network, wasn’t a huge fan of Trump’s “news conference”. Here’s a video of Shep’s response to the President, in which Shep says “We aren’t fools” and that the people have the right to know what’s going on in the country. These are simple things but it seems Trump hasn’t gotten over his election as it seems like his favorite talking point along with his love of Fox and Friends.



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