Strikes and Protests

With the Trump Presidency there as been a lot of discord in the populace. On the day after the Inauguration there was the largest march in DC with sister marches across the US and the globe with close to 5 million in total. There has been talks of a science march on Earth Day, a Tax Day march urging Trump to release his tax returns, a general strike on Friday, and perhaps even a Women’s strike in the near future (March 8). This Thursday, many restaurants in DC are going to hit by a “Day without Immigrants” strike where Latino immigrants aren’t going to be showing up to work. Posters for the event reads in Spanish  “Mr. President, without us and without our contribution this country is paralyzed.” With the crappy first almost month that Trump has had with the whole Inauguration size debate, the Nordstrom’s thing with Ivanka and Kellyanne Conway’s plug, going to “winter White House” for another weekend and with Japan’s Prime Minster Abe during a wedding reception while North Korea launched nukes at Japan to Mike Flynn resigning after 20-some days. Hopefully things will turn the corner in this administration either for the better with things actually getting done or for the worse with a probe launched into Russian involvement within Trump’s White House or impeachment. Something is going to happen and it will come from out of left field.


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