World Baseball Classic 2017

The fourth World Baseball Classic begins in about a month and they have just released the rosters for all the teams. This time around there will be teams from Israel and Columbia for the first time. Now for a sport that originated in the US it is puzzling that the United States has only managed to finish 4th in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, which currently is the biggest Baseball tournament in the world. Sure Baseball is coming back at the 2020 Olympics but the US Baseball team hasn’t done well in these international competitions and I hope that at some point they can turn this aroundĀ  and at least be competitive in baseball since Japan and other Asian nations (South Korea, Taiwan) have strong baseball roots. Just look at the Little League World Series where Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) and Japan have combined for 27 championships. Hopefully this will be able to whet my appetite for this upcoming season.

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