Eight Days in…

Trump’s been President for a grand total of a week, officially so today since he didn’t work on Inauguration Day or that following Saturday or Sunday. The best news is that he has set a record by doing something faster than any other President in recent history, as Trump’s approval rating as of the 28th is at 42% while his disapproval is already at 51% with 7 percent unsure. He didn’t start at a great place but it’s not looking like his approval will be going up any time soon.  Especially since this polling was done before the “Muslim refugee Ban” was put in place and he put Bannon on his National Security Council. Both of these haven’t faired well with many people on both sides of the aisle. He hasn’t really gotten off on the right foot and it is doubtless that it can be truly fixed. The biggest question that I have is how can this last for an entire four or two years. When the petitions on the White House website are asking for Trump to release his tax returns, place his business into a blind trust and resign from office due to the emolution clauses in the Constitution. It’s only been eight f-ing days, only 92 left in his first 100.


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